Are You Eligible For an Innovation Grant? Here’s a Guide to the Four Main Areas and How to Apply

Are you eligible for an Innovation Grant? Here’s a guide to the four main areas and how to apply.

We talk a lot about R&D Tax Credits in this blog, but they are not the only type of funding available for innovative businesses. Every year Innovate UK offers grants to companies working on ‘high potential innovation projects’. That is, projects with the potential to bring about far-reaching changes in their given area. The organisation’s

Applying for R&D Tax Credits if You’re a Small Business

Applying for R&D Tax Credits if you're a small business

If you run a small business you’ll already have a lot on your plate. With fewer staff, it’s likely that you have to do more of the day to day legwork yourself. If things go wrong it’s more likely to be your own money on the line. With so much to worry about, you’d be