A New Line of Defence: Why Single Photon Technology Is the Key to Cybersecurity

A new line of defence: why single photon technology is the key to cybersecurity.

Single photon technology could be our best hope for staying safe online in the future. By finding ways to deliver photons one at a time, we can unlock some truly amazing possibilities, particularly when it comes to cybersecurity.   Light particles are called photons and they are essential to most modern technology. A photon is

Not Just for People in White Coats: How R&D Tax Credits Can Help Your Business, Whatever You Do

Not just for people in white coats: how R&D Tax Credits can help your business, whatever you do

R&D Tax Credits cover a broad range of projects   HMRC define R&D for the purposes of Tax Credits as research related to your company’s trade which seeks to overcome uncertainty. That is to say, the answer to the problem you’re trying to solve can’t be readily discernible to ‘a competent professional working in the