COVID-19: Funding For Innovators Fighting the Pandemic

Coronavirus: Funding For Innovators Fighting the Pandemic

Governments, trusts and private companies are all launching funding schemes to tackle the Coronavirus. Here’s the full list of what’s available to businesses, and how to apply. Updated: 28 May 2020 The UK government and the EU are moving quickly to fight the Coronavirus. They are launching new grants, competitions and funding schemes to encourage

Coronavirus: An Update from GrantTree

COVID-19: An Update from GrantTree

The Coronavirus has spread throughout the world, creating enormous uncertainty for Britain’s businesses. But GrantTree will be here, working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to make sure companies can access the government funding they need to make it through.  It seems like years ago, a different era altogether almost, that the first reports of a new

Coronavirus: Will My R&D Tax Credits Be Affected?

Coronavirus: Will My R&D Tax Credits Be Affected?

We answer your most pressing questions about the Coronavirus’ impact on the R&D Tax Credits scheme. We will be updating this blog regularly with all the latest information. Your Questions   How will the Coronavirus affect my claim? What happens if I defer my corporation tax? Are there any penalties if I defer VAT or

Budget 2020: Our Predictions for Innovation Funding

The UK’s 2020 Budget will be announced on Wednesday. But what will it mean for innovation funding for UK businesses? GrantTree’s tax experts make their predictions. On March 11 newly-appointed Chancellor Rishi Sunak will unveil one of the most important budgets of the last century. With it, he will look to tackle a range of