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A Day in the Life. Episode 1: Digital Marketing Manager, Lena

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at GrantTree? Well wonder no more! In our brand new series, ‘A Day in the Life’, our team will be taking it in turns to walk you through an ordinary day in their lives at GrantTree (not that there’s any such thing as an ‘ordinary day’, here!) The first episode is written by GrantTree’s digital marketing maestro, Lena Weber-Reed. Over to you, Lena!

January 24th

I get up some time between 5:30 (if my one year old thinks it’s a good time to wake up) and 6am, when my alarm goes off. Today, it was 5:35. Thank you, teething! Mornings are always jam-packed: my husband is a childminder and starts his working day at 8am when his first charge is dropped off at ours, so we have exactly two hours to get ready for the day.

A big family breakfast is however a must. I play with the kids while my husband makes porridge – who doesn’t like an impromptu nursery rhyme session at 6:30am! Post breakfast is a whirlwind of tidying and getting the kids and myself dressed. I usually sneak away for ten minutes to look at work emails and messages on my phone so I’m up to date.

Jack be nimble!
Jack be nimble!

Normally I head to the office while my husband does the school run but today I’m joining him as our older daughter has a special class assembly. I feel hugely grateful I’m trusted to organise my own day and can work completely flexibly, which allows me to come along to these kind of special occasions.

After the assembly I hot-foot it home as I’m conducting an Open Culture Interview at 10am. I’ve recently started getting more involved in this element of our recruitment process as I find it fascinating. I love that I can participate in work outside my core marketing roles and can create a workload that reflects my many interests.

WFB (Working from bedroom)
WFB (Working from bedroom)

After the interview I’m heading into Central London to the office. I have a few meetings scheduled that I prefer to do face to face. At 11am the commute is almost leisurely. I genuinely enjoy the 45 minute tube ride which is an excellent opportunity to listen to some Spotify and read a book.

At the office I catch up with a couple of colleagues on joint projects. Then, at 1pm join our Lunch Force, a weekly team lunch with a randomly assigned group of colleagues. This week we’ve ordered in pizzas which we’re scoffing in the office café.

Lunch force!
Lunch force!

The afternoon passes quickly while I work through my to-do list for the day. Today’s tasks include another recruitment interview, spending time digging around Google Analytics so I can get a better understanding of the quality of traffic I’m sending from social media to our website, and designing and sending out a weekly newsletter campaign. You can sign up to that on the right of this post ;).

It’s now 4:45pm and I decide to head home before rush hour. It takes me about an hour to reach our front door. Time for a deep breath. I know the second I open the door I will have to be in full parent-mode until bedtime, and I don’t always find it easy to switch off from work.

Fast forward to 8pm. Dinner, bath and bedtime are done. The girls are fast asleep. I’m in my PJs and finally had some time to catch up with my husband about his day. I’ve noticed that the transcript from this morning’s Open Culture interview has come back and am curious to re-read the conversation.

I grab my laptop and scan through it while making comments and sharing my evaluation on Slack. By 8:30pm I’m too tired to really focus so I turn my laptop off. That’s work done for the day. We’ll probably watch something on iPlayer or Netflix before bedtime.

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