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£70 Million Raised For Our Clients!

Big news from GrantTree HQ … we’ve hit £70 million in government funding raised for all the awesome companies we work with and we’re over the moon about it.

We’re incredibly proud of reaching this milestone. Since starting in 2010, we’ve worked with some amazing companies developing everything from game-changing prototypes to wellness apps to cryptocurrency. To us, £70 million isn’t just numbers on a sheet. It’s new hires for startups to help them expand. It’s the ability to invest in prototypes to get closer to the breakthrough. It’s providing companies with a more secure future. In short, that £70 million has changed countless lives and we’re proud to have been a part of that. If you’d like to chat, please do get in touch. We have government funding specialists who love talking about all the different options and would be happy to help work out which one is best for you.

One of the highlights of reaching £70 million though is the route we’ve taken to get here. It would be a lot less meaningful to us if it wasn’t for the extraordinary way of working that we’ve developed, which enables people to work in an environment free of “turf-wars” and other hateful conflicts. You can read more about our unique culture here but in summary, we follow holacracy and self-management and operate with complete internal transparency. Some people find it a bit odd but it’s like when you get into cold water: it’s a bit uncomfortable at first but once you’re in, the water’s lovely and you forget ever feeling uncomfortable in the first place – in fact, it feels like the new normal!

We’re proud as punch to have been featured on BBC Newsnight talking about our transparent, self-set pay. We don’t live in the shadows anymore and with all the latest controversy surrounding the gender pay-gap, we believe the future is here and it is transparent.

We also consider ourselves fortunate enough to own a kick-ass office space in Clerkenwell in London and our co-working space, Treehouse, is home to some fascinating companies. With an amazing central location and reasonable rates, we’re always happy to have a chat about your business’ office needs. We even have deluxe roof terrace to sweeten the deal — outdoors working in the summer, anyone?

When a milestone is reached, it’s hard to remember to look back, not just forward to the next one. As we hit £70 million, we feel incredibly fortunate to be working with such an exciting and innovative range of companies. It makes each day exciting and varied and means we’re at the forefront of glimpsing what the future could look like and what sort of companies will be leading the charge.