The What Comes Next? podcast
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Introducing 'What Comes Next?' The New Podcast About Technology and Your Future

Introducing What Comes Next?, the show about the mind-blowing technologies that will shape our future.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. These are the immortal words of Arthur C. Clarke, a writer, a renowned futurist, and an important advocate for the power of technology.

Clarke was right. At its best, technology can do magical things. Things that fill us with wonder and awe. Things that make us doubt the limits of our abilities, and our existence.

At GrantTree, we celebrate this important and wondrous promise of technology: to inspire, to heal, to empower. And we are taking this celebration one giant step further, with the launch of a brand new podcast…

Introducing What Comes Next?

Introducing What Comes Next?, a new podcast from GrantTree Studios. From all-knowing AI to robot helpers, What Comes Next? is a show all about the amazing technologies that will shape our future. 

Listen to Episode 1 Now!

Each episode the show’s trilogy of technophiles (translation: three nerds) will be talking to one of the tech world’s forward-thinking minds. We’ll be unboxing their invention, sharing their secrets, and exploring how their technology will change the way we live our lives.

The first six episodes of What Comes Next? are available to download now. We’ve already spoken to five fascinating innovators, including…

Growing Underground logo

Steve Dring, Co-Founder and CEO of Growing Underground. Growing Underground own and operate the world’s first underground farm; a luminous pink facility which lays 33 metres under the streets of Clapham and produces salad leaves and microgreens for the likes of M&S and Waitrose. Listen here!

Shadow Robot Company logo

Rich Walker, Managing Director, Shadow Robot Company. Shadow Robot Company is one of Britain’s oldest robotics companies, and the developers of the world’s most lifelike robot hand. How lifelike, exactly? It has fingernails! Listen here!

V7 Labs logo

Alberto Rizzoli, Co-Founder and CEO of V7 Labs. V7 Labs is a deep learning company that is solving one of AI’s most counterintuitive challenges…to make machines see like humans. Listen here!

Medical Realities logo

Steve Dann, Co-Founder and Chairman of Medical Realities, and founding father of London’s AR/VR scene. Medical Realities is using virtual reality to train the next generation of surgeons and to solve the world’s fatal shortage of qualified doctors. Listen here!

McLear logo

Dan Blondell, MD UK/EU/GCC & India at McLear. McLear makes the McLear ring, an elegant device for making effortless, contactless payments. Check out this video of the ring in action. Then listen to the episode here!

And that’s just the beginning. We’re speaking to more incredible companies in the coming episodes. Companies that making some astonishing breakthroughs in the fields of haptics, supercomputing, genetics, sustainable plastics and augmented intelligence.

Stay Tuned!

We’re releasing new episodes of What Comes Next? every two weeks. Make sure you don’t miss an episode by subscribing to the show wherever you get your podcasts.

Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Overcast…you name it, What Comes Next? is on it!

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Let Us Know What You Think!

Last thing. We really like hearing from our listeners. Thoughts, questions, feedback are all welcome.

And if you’re working some cool tech yourself, or have heard about someone doing something exciting, then let us know. We’re always looking for new guests to interview and new stories to tell.

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In the meantime, happy listening!