How R&D Tax Credits boost your innovation
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How R&D Tax Credits Can Fuel Your Innovation

R&D Tax Credits can provide your company with much-needed fuel for innovation. Here’s how.

R&D tax credits are designed to help the UK stay globally competitive. As it should be!

There was a time when the UK was at the forefront of industrial innovation- the telephone, the steam engine and, contrary to popular belief, the light bulb. 

While those glory days might have passed we still pull our weight as a nation of inventors and innovators. 

Our clients tell us time and again how their R&D tax credit enabled them to boost their innovation and grow their business. 

So what good things will happen to your business if you apply too?

It encourages you to take a risk

Many businesses are understandably risk-averse. Particularly if you run a smaller start-up where your own money is on the line. R&D tax relief can help to take some of the risk out of risk taking. 

One of the qualifying factors in an R&D tax relief claim is ‘uncertainty.’ 

This means that you’re actually encouraged to take a risk, and try out innovations that may or may not work. 

The viability of your claim is not based upon the eventual success or failure of the project- only that you make an honest effort to innovate. 

That’s why R&D tax credits are a valuable funding source for innovative start-ups or high-growth businesses.

It enables you to grow more quickly

We don’t want you to slow down! R&D tax credits can help you continue to scale your business, at whatever pace is right for you. 

At GrantTree we commit to filing your claim within two weeks. 

And we are the only provider who can advance you 80% of your claim size up to 6 months before you file. 

This enables you to grow your business and continue innovating in your field.

It boosts scientific and technological discovery

The tax definition of R&D must include a scientific or technological advance. 

This means that the attention is on the advance made, not the product, and stimulates experimentation and curiosity in these exciting areas. 

This can lead to a win-win situation for your company- you improve your own business whilst also helping to create technological solutions for the world as a whole.

Get an extra boost by working with a specialist

I hope we’ve convinced you that R&D Tax Credits can fuel innovation at your company.

If you want to maximise the transformative power of R&D Tax Credits, the best thing to do is worth with an expert like GrantTree.

We’ve secured more than £200 million in cash credits and tax rebates through the scheme. All while maintaining a 100% success rate. 

In short, we’ve seen it all!

Get in touch today, and our experts will get you on the road to making your first R&D Tax Credit claim.