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The 3 stages of an EU Innovation Grant

EU innovation grants are designed to develop new technology, help closer-to-the-market companies with prototyping, and encourage the connection and networking of research. If you are a...
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GrantTree  GrantTree,Sep 17
How I changed my company's parental leave policy in just seven days #MondayMotivation 
GrantTree  GrantTree,Sep 17
@_SmallestThings Thank you! It's such an important campaign & policy, we hope to see many others take it up too. 
GrantTree  GrantTree,Sep 13
Three reasons why you should be claiming R&D #taxcredits for your business. Read on: 
GrantTree  GrantTree,Sep 12
"There is a massive yearning, on a global scale, for human potential to be expressed much more directly than it has…