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The London Digital Commute

A metropolis and its transportation are intrinsically connected; the way people move around a city defines its image. Think about LA. It’s a car-hell and we all know it. I mean, La...
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Tax Credits and State Aid

It’s important to know that as R&D Tax Credits at the SME level are seen as notifiable State Aid, they can only be offered to companies not already receiving other notifiable...
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The Changing Face of Banking

The Changing Face of Banking For every sector these days, there is a “tech” equivalent. Technology has had an impact on health, education, transport, real estate, and of course,...
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GrantTree  GrantTree,1h
43% of R&D spending is concentrated among 100 top companies. What can we do to give innovative startups a chance?… 
GrantTree  GrantTree,3h
Elephants in Chicago: the conservation app bringing endangered animals to the city. @ioelephants 🐘 
GrantTree  GrantTree,21h
'Politics, power imbalance, gossip and jealousy'- should we be more open about what we earn? 
GrantTree  GrantTree,23h
Equal pay and the battle of the internet browsers: there's lots going on in this week's blogs!… 
GrantTree  GrantTree,Dec 13
The private sector is currently bearing the brunt of R&D costs. The government needs to do more.…