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How to file R&D Tax Credits yourself

This may be a surprising article to read on an R&D Tax Credits specialist’s website, but at GrantTree, we believe that everyone should have access to the knowledge of how to file...
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Accountant fees for R&D Tax Credits

Let me start by saying that accountants are great. I used to have the typical view of accountants (“how can anyone be so fascinated by columns of numbers?”), until, one day, I...
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GrantTree  @GrantTree,16m
We are proud to announce that our retention rate is 75%! 3/4 of all the people we've hired since we started in Oct 2010 still work here. 
GrantTree  @GrantTree,Apr 25
Passionate about sales psychology? After a role in a company where you're free to do things your own way? 
GrantTree  @GrantTree,Mar 31
Are you not the average sales person? Do you want a role where you are free to do things your own way? #nowhiring 
GrantTree  @GrantTree,Mar 29
RT @BarclaysEntpr:.@Payah from @GrantTree explains how grants can help businesses to scale up, including r&d tax credits…