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How R&D Tax Credits can help your startup

  The early days of a new business can be an extremely stressful time. You’ll have a lot on your plate; hiring staff, buying supplies, working out the dynamics of your team,...
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Can apps reduce stress?

It is no secret that technology is making us stressed. We are now contactable at all hours of the day, often making us feel that we can’t get a moment to ourselves. This is...
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Advance Funding: Is it right for me?

Advance Funding: Is it right for me? Here at GrantTree, we are always striving to help our clients fulfil their potential and access government funding as quickly and easily as...
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Are friendship apps a step too far?

Using an app to find a romantic partner is now commonplace. What used to be considered a last resort is fast becoming the most widely accepted method of finding love. According to...
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'Investment in tech innovation and R&D should be a priority'- interesting findings in @IPPR's report on how London'… https://t.co/P7UEeXyPz7