Come work with GrantTree!


Do you want to assist a rapidly growing, profitable company with numerous critical tasks, touching on every aspect of the company, and working directly with everyone in the team? Do you want a varied workday with a great and growing team? Then come join our company and help us continue to succeed.


Founded by Daniel Tenner and Paulina Sygulska, GrantTree is a rapidly growing company whose mission is to help UK technology companies to get funding without giving up equity, primarily via R&D Tax Credits and Grants. How rapidly growing? After a very profitable first year and a second year that was 4 times more so, we are on track to turn over more than £1m in the third year. If you want to help us make this happen, read on.

The position:

We are looking for a highly enthusiastic, and energetic new team member to help us with supporting the numerous and growing activities in the company. The work involves tracking, organising and communicating things, being diligent about little details, reacting quickly to changing situations, spotting things that need sorting out and sorting them out, working directly with the founders and with everyone else, and generally staying on top of many things going on at the same time. It’s a combination of an office manager and admin assistant role, ideal for a problem-solver who likes to get involved and keep things running smoothly.

This is only the base set of responsibilities. In addition to your “day job” of keeping everything ticking along, you will be expected to do other, related “project-based” work, for which you will be rewarded with regular, quarterly pay raises.

** Edit: the section below is totally out of date! Please check our careers page if you’re curious how things work now! **

The perks:

The pay starts at £16-18k/y base pay dependent on experience, but we enable you to increase this by £1.5k every 3 months, up to £30k, based on achieving personal targets, so the right person will be able to increase this amount rapidly and significantly.

The position is also open for interns, so long as you have at least 6 months available, starting ASAP.

Finally, the right person could go from this role to a position in sales or client management within GrantTree, or even create their own, new role, based on their skills and the company’s growing needs.


To succeed at this job, you need the right combination of passion and energy, and attention to detail. Everyone will be relying on you to help with new processes, with urgent, critical tasks like sending proposals and bringing new clients on board, and with less urgent but fundamental tasks like keeping the books up to date. Everyone at GrantTree is often very busy with the multiple facets of their job, so there are essential tasks that tend to fall between the cracks. If you’re the right person for this job, you will spot these tasks and make sure they happen anyway. You will also often be the face of the company, taking phone calls or greeting clients.

Although there are no pre-requisites in terms of skills or knowledge, you must have very good attention to detail, particularly when it comes to numbers.

Your ultimate goal will be to make the whole company work more efficiently. You need to be the kind of person who cares and wants to be passionate about this, and do whatever it takes to support the team in growing this great business.

Please note that this doesn’t mean that we’ll work you to the bone. On the contrary, we believe in working healthy and productive hours. The best work is done by people who are happy, healthy and well-rested, and we want the best work.

How to apply:

For this role, energy and attitude, helpfulness and good organisation are critical, as is attention to detail. The recruitment process is designed to help us figure out if you’re the right person for the role.

First, please start by writing a brief (500 words or so), clear cover email outlining why you wish to work with us, what you hope to achieve, what you expect from the role, and why you’re the best person to fit our team.

As part of the initial application, please also record a brief (2-3 min) video of yourself in person, talking about yourself, your interests, your passions, and attach a link (youtube, or something else – does not need to be public) so that we can watch it.

Please send applications to If you’re selected, this will be followed with a phone interview, and then an in-person interview with several members of the team. We will aim to reply promptly to all applications.

The start date is as soon as possible after we find you!

Update: Thanks for all the applications. This role has now been filled successfully!

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