GrantTree publishes new design!


As you will notice if you look around, we’ve just deployed a brand spanking new design. Not only is this design “nicer looking”, but it is far more effective, and features two huge improvements over the previous site:

Announcing… transparent pricing!

GrantTree is, I believe, the first company in this industry to publish its price sheet online. We believe in trust and transparency, and we believe that our services offer great value to our clients.

One of the characteristics of the industry we operate in, however, is secrecy. Prices are generally hidden (“you have to call us to find out”), and you never know whether you’re getting the best deal, or one tailored to maximise the service provider’s bottom line. This has been a struggle for GrantTree from the start. We believe in trust and transparency, but it’s hard to do things differently than everyone else in your industry.

However, we are now proud to be able to honour our commitment to transparency. You can now find our full pricing online.

Announcing… organised and useful information

Our industry is also very secretive about the tips and tricks of the trade. We believe that our value proposition is not that we know hidden things: it’s that we can do it better, more efficiently, more effectively and with less risk.

Over the last few months, we’ve been posting many practical, useful articles about Tax Credits, Grants, and SEIS. This trend will continue, and it will be organised around four key information resource pages:

> R&D Tax Credits
> TSB Smart Grants
> Patent Box

These pages will evolve to accumulate more and more information as it goes up. For smaller startups that aren’t able to secure the services of a specialist, this information should be invaluable in helping them to access government funding by themselves.

Onwards and upwards

GrantTree has had a fantastically successful first couple of years (we’re approaching our second anniversary in October this year). We look forward to even more successful years ahead, and to continuing to lead the way in opening up the industry.



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