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GrantTree provides a financial boost to some of the UK’s most innovative startups and tech companies by helping them make the most of government funding schemes. We’re a fast growing company that provides specialist consultancy to the UK’s most innovative firms.

One core business is R&D Tax Credits, and a key part of that process is the technical reports that lay out the uncertainties of the development process for HMRC. Fundamentally, we explain why a thing is R&D. We’re on the lookout for technical writers who can work remotely and freelance to increase our capacity as we head towards a year of 100% growth.

About you:
-You’ll have some sort of tech background. Although you might not be a developer, you’ll have worked closely with them, maybe as a product owner, project manager or spec writer. Either way, you’ll be able to write convincingly about other people’s tech stack, and you’ll know your Ars Technica from your Emacs.
-Discreet – all of the details you’ll work on will be super interesting, but you can’t chat about it in the pub.
-Regular – you’ll be able to get through at least one claim a week. We have as many as you can fit onto your pudgy little keyboard fingers, though.

About the job:
You’ll be working with a bright, sparky and fast-moving team, learning and writing about some of the UK’s most innovative startup teams and technology. It’s a great insight into the UK tech scene – although you don’t need to be based here: we have writers all over the world.

Rates start at £200 per claim.

-Regular internet access
-Ability to research background independently
-Ability to spell and maky gud grammarz
-Willingness to familiarise yourself with HMRC’s CIRD and the concept of technical uncertainty
-You can hit deadlines, and will manage expectations properly if you can’t

To apply, send a CV, short cover email and sample of your writing (link to a blog post, an essay or article you’ve written) to



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