My First Week (Daisy)


It was great to start at GrantTree with Liam and Ish – also newbies to the world of R&D tax credits. There’s loads to get to grips with so its nice to have each other to talk things through. We’ve had sessions with different people so they can teach us about their particular strengths. It’s given us a chance to be really inquisitive and get to know so much about the business beyond our core duties… everyone wants to help us reach our full potential here.


As a philosophy grad and also as someone coming from a company that had a traditional hierarchical structure (although I may not have realised it at the time), learning about the holarchical way GrantTree is organised was particularly interesting to me. This structure allows people to take on tasks and projects outside of their primary role responsibilities (hence why your job title can be whatever you want!). I’m already enjoying the trust and freedom placed in me to do what’s best for the company. The agency I came through really sold GrantTree to me through the supportive, transparent and fun culture – it’s exactly what I was looking for.


When I came in for my interview and saw the christmas tree topped with a sombrero, backed with a vague story of drunken christmas party escapades, I thought ‘I’m meant to work here!’. It’s nice to hear ping pong balls being batted around in the background while I write this and I especially enjoy the weekly picnic on a Tuesday. Everyone is looking forward to a party this weekend… how great that after a week of working in the same office everyone still wants to see each other on a Saturday?!

Now my second week has started I’m excited to crack on with my tasks and I look forward to hitting my stride in the coming months!

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