My first week (Liam)


Transparency is a word that often gets bandied around by many companies. Such companies are often also ‘entrepreneurial’ or ‘committed to its people’. Very rarely, however, does their marketing match with reality.

GrantTree seemed different. Working with a 100% transparent and flat structure (so all emails, salaries, brainstorming, and decisions are open and available to all within; and there are no managers as such, rather those with either more or less responsibility), it seemed to be a company that actually walked the talk.

This environment might not appeal to all, but it did to me, and after my first week I’ve been relieved to see it’s not a gimmick. Transparency (along with respect and good humour) is the philosophy that underpins everything at GrantTree.

Also, if something interests you and you feel up to the challenge, go do it. Want to lead a particular project? No problem. Fancy creating an entirely new role that might benefit the company? Write a plan and go for it. This kind of flexibility is much harder to accomplish within a traditional hierarchy.

And of course not everything is perfect. GrantTree is a relatively young company and systems and processes are constantly evolving. But I like the challenge. Alongside your core work, it allows space for critical, higher-level analysis that could end up having a demonstrable impact. It could even be implemented the next day!

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