Chloe Sharp

Dr Chloe Sharp

Senior Grants Partner

Dr Chloe Sharp is a Senior Grants Partner at GrantTree, where she helps disruptive businesses maximise their funding opportunities. Her time in the innovation and grant funding space began in 2016 when she joined the Transport Systems Catapult and discovered the transformative power of Innovate UK’s competitions. This experience inspired her to establish Snap Out: Innovation Consultancy, her own research and grant writing company specialising in technology and product development. Chloe and her company secured a variety of grants, oversaw the delivery of Innovate UK-funded development work and completed numerous innovation research projects. Chloe is now applying her broad entrepreneurial and grant writing experience to support GrantTree’s cutting-edge technology clients.

By Chloe:

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Chloe Sharp

What is an SME for Innovate UK Grants?

Company size – whether you’re a micro, small, medium (SME) or large company – has a significant impact on which Innovate UK grants you’re eligible for and on how much funding you can access.

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