Introducing Re:Brand, A New Podcast Teaching Startups How to Market


Is your branding holding you back? Are you worried about a social media slip or lacklustre content? Then we have a podcast for you!

From GrantTree Studios comes Re:Brand, a show all about marketing, communication and our relationship with brands. Each episode, our panel of communications pros will be taking a deep dive into the biggest marketing news from the last two weeks, and asking what businesses, and startups in particular, can do to strengthen their voice in a noisy and hectic marketplace.

Our first two episodes are available now. In Episode 1, we’re looking at ‘woke’ brands; companies like Gillette and Nike that are crowbarring themselves into conversations around social justice and inequality, in the hope of courting a new breed of socially-conscious consumers. What could possibly go wrong? *Cough* Pepsi *cough*.

And in Episode 2, we’re discussing Slack’s recent facelift. Described on day one as “a swastika made of dicks”, our panel explores when is the right time to refresh your logo, and what it takes to successfully relaunch a loved…or at least ‘known’…brand identity.

We’ll be publishing new episodes every two weeks. So make sure you subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. And if you have any questions for the show, reach out to

Episode 1: Way to be Woke

Episode 2: Slack’s Swastika of Dicks

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Robert Kellner
Robert Kellner

Rob is a Sci-Fi aficionado, trivia buff, and above all, a great big tech geek. When he's not writing dystopian fiction, he can be found at his full-time job - head of content at leading R&D Tax Credits consultancy, GrantTree.