Level Up Your Claim

We'll Manage Your Video Game Tax Relief Claim From Start to Finish

The UK Government's R&D Roadmap: What Does It Mean for Startups and Scaleups?


Our tax experts have helped hundreds of companies secure VGTR, R&D Tax Credits and many other kinds of financial support. Work with us and we’ll boost your claim, file it fast, and cut down your involvement to the bare minimum.


Our team will build an airtight claim for you that’s fully compliant with all the latest regulations and insight. If HMRC does have questions, we’ll be there to answer them. And in the unlikely event HMRC launches an enquiry, GrantTree’s Enquiry Resolution Specialists will be there to defend your claim. At no extra cost.


We will file your Video Games Tax Relief claim just a few weeks after we start working with you. Our tax specialists are the absolute best on the market. They will file a flawless application for the Cultural Test, and financials with HMRC. We only need a few hours of your time. Our team handles everything else. 

Tailored To Your Business

Boost your VGTR payout

Our tech and finance experts are the best around. They’ll comb through your finances and product roadmap to make sure they’re claiming for every penny possible.

Level up your team

When you’re dealing with HMRC, experience counts. Our experts have worked with every kind of claim, company and tax inspector imaginable. They can make sure your claim is perfect, and deal with everything HMRC throws at it.

Get ahead of the competition

Through our unique Advance Funding service, we can forward you up to 80% of your tax credits payout up to six months before your claim is filed. That’s six more months to invest, hire, and grow. 

Get your time back

A couple of hours. That’s all we need from you. Then it’s over to us to build your tax filing and application for the Cultural Test. And it's over to you to fundraise, build your business, develop your next great game - whatever you want to spend all your extra time on!

We can also perform a free audit of any of your previous Video Games Tax Relief claims, even if they weren’t filed with us. If you want to be sure you’re receiving the largest relief possible, just get in touch!

Standard Accountancies and DIY Most VGTR Specialists GrantTree
Employ experts from technical and financial sectors
Dedicated claim defence
Extract the financial and technnical data with minimal disruption to your business
Maximise your claim by scrutinising your accounts
Provide a Grant-matching service
Referral scheme to lower your fee
After due diligence and eligibility checks, together with our partner we can advance you the money up to 6 months in advance
Typical pricing
£500 - £1000
15 - 33% success fee
dynamic pricing