TSB Feasibility Studies now open


Every year, the Technology Strategy Board holds a competition around “feasibility studies”. This provides small but tangible grants of up to £25k at 75% match funding. This means that if you commit to a £33k project which is selected, you will receive up to 75% of its actual costs back from TSB.

This can be a great help to young startups, and we know a number of interesting companies that have benefited from such funding in the past.

The competition aims to support four of the core areas on TSB’s agenda: Advanced materials/nanoscale technologies, Biosciences, Electronics/photonics/electrical systems, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT).

Focusing on that last one, the key types of development that TSB would like to fund are:

  • reliable and continuous sensing in challenging physical environments, including how trust, provenance and other assurance of data can be maintained
  • intelligent, autonomous or autonomic machine reasoning and behaviour
  • computers to take account of user requirements, preferences, values and processes, including more immersive user experiences
  • complex ICT systems to be engineered rapidly, cost-effectively and reliably to be fit-for-purpose, in other words safe, secure and resilient

The key dates are:
– Open: 12th March 2012
– Briefing event: 20th March 2012
– Registration deadline (i.e. register to be able to apply): 4th April 2012 noon
– File all applications by: 11th April 2012
– Results: 14th May 2012
– Project start: 1st August 2012

Projects can last up to 4 months, and will be expected to produce a report at the end of the study.

More info about this on TSB’s webiste. The PDF of the brief is here.



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