We’re Hiring a Partnerships Developer!


We’re Hiring!

Your Accountabilities

GrantTree’s client base is made up of innovative, startup companies who are seeking government funding. Your mission would be to reach those companies through cultivation and management of our partnership channels. We work with accountants, lawyers, accelerators and various other funding partners.

Understanding our ideal client profiles and being able to present them clearly and memorably to other businesses will be essential, as is a commercial mindset, which you will need to structure bespoke arrangements with partners to maximise the impact on both sides.

You will need to have a fastidious attitude when it comes to keeping record of your interactions, successes, failures (yes, you will have them too and you will need to be the type of person to get over them quickly!) and have the capability to draw strategic information from this data and act on the opportunities presented.

About GrantTree

We are a rapidly growing company that provides a financial boost to some of the UK’s most innovative companies, by helping them secure funding without losing equity. We deal primarily with R&D Tax Credits, as well as UK and EU innovation grant funding. Our mission is to support innovative companies continue to do what they do best, innovate.

Things We Value

We are looking for people who understand the way we work. GrantTree is an open culture business. We prize transparency, trust and a working environment that honours the whole person and what they have to offer. If you work with us you will be trusted. This trust will enable you to take ownership of your work and, the responsibility to make decisions (including important ones that impact the whole business) right away via our advice process.

We don’t believe in limiting people’s contributions via “job specs”. If you join us, you will be expected to take on the accountabilities described in this advert, but you can also get involved in pretty much anything else that you have an interest in.


Outstanding commercial mindset
Proven track record of building trust with key business stakeholders
Excellent presentation and crystal clear communication skills
Attention to detail

Perks and Benefits

Fair wages

We believe that people should be rewarded fairly for the work they do. At GrantTree there is transparency over salaries and the way we work them out. Our pay model was devised internally by 5 of our team from different areas of the business. Today we use this model to determine everyone’s remuneration – yes, even those of the founders.

The salary range for Partnerships Manager is £30-35k, dependent on experience.

Remote working

We encourage people to work in a manner best serving their efficiency and creativity. Perhaps you might like to work part of the week at home or occasionally work outside of the office, so long as there is no loss in the quality of service to our clients and there is open communication we are very happy for you to take advantage of remote working.

Annual Leave

You can take up to 30 days (6 working weeks) as holiday. We encourage our team to take the rest off work that they need. We recognise that having that time is incredibly important for rejuvenation – maintaining and increasing, energy, creativity and perspective.

If you are curious about R&D Tax Credits, Innovation Grants and Open Culture




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