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About GrantTree

GrantTree is a rapidly growing company that provides a financial boost to some of the UK’s most innovative companies, by helping them secure funding without losing equity. The company deals primarily with R&D Tax Credits, as well as UK and EU innovation grant funding. Our mission is to support innovative companies continue to do what they best, innovate.

GrantTree is a unique work environment. We believe in complete transparency of all business information, which means that everyone knows how much everyone else is paid. We actively work to ensure secrecy doesn’t build up anywhere. Our culture is based on mutual trust, and if you work with us you will be trusted, instead of being monitored and controlled and micromanaged. This trust enables responsibility, and if you come and join us you will be able to make decisions (including important ones that impact the whole business) right away via our advice process.

Another feature of our culture is that we don’t believe in limiting people’s contributions via “job specs”. If you join us, you will be expected to take on the responsibilities outlined below, but you can get involved in pretty much anything else here that you have an interest in.

About The Role

We are looking for an adaptable, enthusiastic person with a deep interest in technology and business to participate in GrantTree’s growth.

You will be a critical first point of contact for enquiries about GrantTree’s services, providing advice, guidance and information about the various government initiatives that we work with, guiding prospects through the complex array of opportunities open to them.

Our incoming leads come from our own website, direct phone contact, partnerships and the rest of our team and we want everyone to receive the same level of service, whether they end up using our services or not. You’ll speak to a wide range of companies, from people with fascinating ideas still on the back of envelopes, to leaders of game changing, established organisations.

The role will require you to confidently talk to entrepreneurs about their products, companies and development plans, assessing their suitability for a wide range of funding competitions and opportunities as well as qualifying their research and development for making a tax credits claim. A typical day might see you grasping the potential of lifesaving medical devices, revolutionary renewable energy and tools for teaching coding to children.

You will need to maintain a comprehensive understanding of the range of support and guidance available for businesses as well as those eligible for tax credits or UK and EU funding opportunities, ensuring that every enquiry is happy to recommend GrantTree in the future. As an evolving and growing company, we’re looking for someone to use their initiative and be part of our collaborative efforts to help us develop our products and services to continue supporting innovation.

An attention to detail is essential, as is the capacity to work with many potential clients at the same time as the role requires ensuring our client and sales management systems are kept up to date and that potential clients are directed to the right products and services. A desire to keep learning and researching so you understand complex technology, business models and projects is needed and we want you to share this information with all of the team.

Skills You Will Have (in no order of importance)

Excellent communication skills,
Research and knowledge gathering skills.
Ability to talk to high-level key decision makers confidently.
Have a keen interest in technology, across multiple sectors
Able to self manage.
Ability to proactively look for ways to add value.
Work smart not work hard mentality.
Attention to detail.

Things We Value

We hire intelligent and highly capable people. People who are capable of taking responsibility for the work they do and share in the responsibility of the company as a whole. We think it’s important that the structure of our company respects and reflects that. We value a working environment that honours the whole person and everything they have to offer.

With our unique organisation structure it is even more important that our team and anyone that joins it understands our values.  Our values reflect and inform our actions every day, including how we engage with clients, how we engage with each other, how we design processes (or lack thereof) within the company, and who we recruit or let go. You can learn more about our values here.

It takes commitment to transparency, clear communication and an openness to adapt and grow to work with us. We value collaboration, working as we do doesn’t work otherwise. We challenge ourselves daily to get better at playing as a team, build on each other’s strengths and manage our own work in an efficient way, so that we ultimately stay competitive.

Perks & Benefits

Fair wages
We believe that people should be rewarded fairly for the work they do. At GrantTree there is transparency over salaries and the way we work them out. Our pay model was devised internally by 5 of our team from different areas of the business. Today we use this model to determine everyone’s remuneration – yes, even those of the founders.

The salary range for the Inbound Lead Developer role is £25-30k, dependent on experience.

Remote working
We encourage people to work in a manner best serving their efficiency and creativity. Perhaps you might like to work part of the week at home or occasionally work outside of the office, so long as there is no loss in the quality of service to our clients and there is open communication we are very happy for you to take advantage of remote working.

Annual Leave
You can take up to 30 days (6 working weeks) as holiday. We encourage our team to take the rest off work that they need. We recognise that having that time is incredibly important for rejuvenation – maintaining and increasing, energy, creativity and perspective.

How To Apply

Please apply through our applicant tracking system.

This is a customer facing role, which will involve plenty of written, phone and in-person communication about government funding initiatives, so the application process mirrors these elements.

Start by writing a brief (500 words or so), clear cover email outlining why you wish to work with us, what you hope to achieve, what you expect from the role, why you’ll fit in with our values (see blog post explaining them), and why you are the best person for our team.

As part of the initial round, please write a paragraph about where you think the UK government will be most active in their funding of R&D projects. Attach this to your email along with your CV and cover letter.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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