What Comes Next? #36: 6G Satellites, Smartphone Holograms, and Hyperloop Testing


On the latest episode of GrantTree’s innovation podcast, What Comes Next?…

Kweku, Amy and Rob discuss four of the most exciting tech stories from the last two weeks:

  • China’s 6G satellite experiment
  • SpaceX’s human-rating certification
  • Samsung’s breakthrough in holographic screens
  • The maiden passenger test for the Virgin Hyperloop

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The What Comes Next? Podcast
The What Comes Next? Podcast

What Comes Next? is a podcast from GrantTree exploring the amazing technologies that will shape your future. Each episode the show's trilogy of technophiles will be talking to one of the world's most forward-thinking minds. We'll be unboxing their inventions, sharing their secrets, and exploring what the future holds for technology and the human race.