Protect Your R&D Claim. Minimise Disruption.

Let Our Experts Defend Your R&D Claim

Has HMRC launched an enquiry into your R&D Tax Credits claim? Then you’ve come to the right place. GrantTree’s Enquiry Defence Service will protect your claim size, minimise disruption to your business, and give you peace of mind when you need it most.

Calling on decades of experience, our specialist Enquiry Defence Team will manage your enquiry and handle all negotiations with the R&D Tax Unit, ensuring you receive the correct outcome. All while strengthening your relationship with HMRC to protect you from future checks.

What We Offer

Maintain Your Claim

Successfully navigating an enquiry means presenting the strongest possible case to your tax inspector. Our tax and technical experts will comb through your filing, company financials, and technical data to assemble a watertight argument that minimises claim reduction and strengthens your relationship with HMRC.

Peace of Mind

Our Enquiry Defence Team will ensure your finance and technical teams are fully prepared for the tax inspector, provide guidance on all communication with the R&D Tax Unit, and lead on all technical calls with HMRC’s tech investigators. That means you can get back to managing your business, safe in the knowledge that your claim is in good hands.

A Flexible Approach

Our service is designed to suit your needs while taking up as little of your time as possible. We’ll hold meetings when you have time, provide information when you need it, and move heaven and earth to safeguard your claim.

A Leading Name

GrantTree has filed thousands of claims on behalf of our clients. Over the years we have built significant trust capital with HMRC, which appointed us to its exclusive Research and Development Consultative Committee. In our 11 years in business, we’ve also navigated dozens of enquiries, maintaining an industry-leading claim defence record.

Our Process


Our Enquiry Defence Team engages with your finance and technical team members, getting up to speed with your claim.

Step 1


We delve into the technical and financial elements of your claim, comparing problem areas against the enquiry letter from HMRC.

Step 2


Our team takes over communications with HMRC, using well-messaged correspondence to expedite the enquiry while protecting your reputation.

Step 3


We develop a robust defence, addressing HMRC’s questions with additional evidence that corroborates your claim size.

Step 4


We prepare your finance and technical teams for any interviews with HMRC, and join them on all calls to coach them through difficult questions.

Step 5


Once the enquiry is resolved, we will stay on top of the payment process, ensuring your tax credit isn’t delayed further.

Step 6

Is Your Claim Vulnerable?

GrantTree will perform a free audit of any of your previous R&D Tax Credit claims – even if they weren’t filed through us – to assess your risk of a compliance check.

Let Us Defend Your Claim

If you need expert help managing an HMRC compliance check, our dedicated Enquiry Defence Team is standing by to assist you. Just get in touch, and one of our people will be right with you. 

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