HMRC Enquiry Support for R&D Claims

Facing an R&D Tax Relief enquiry? Our Enquiry Defence Team will manage your investigation from start to finish, protecting your claim and unlocking your relief as soon as possible.


Protect your time, relief and reputation

Are you facing an R&D Tax Relief enquiry? 

By now you’ve discovered that you’re in for months of stressful and time-consuming back-and-forths with HMRC. But you can make the process much smoother by working with GrantTree.

Calling on decades of combined experience, our specialist Enquiry Defence Team will manage your enquiry from start to finish, saving you time and ensuring you receive the correct outcome. 

By handling your communications with HMRC, we’ll resolve your compliance check as quickly as possible while safeguarding your reputation.

A Complete Guide to R&D Enquiries

Everything you need to know about how compliance checks work, why you might face one, and how you can avoid them in the future.

Unrivalled Experience

Over 12 years of successfully filing and defending thousands of R&D Tax Relief claims

A Trusted Name

GrantTree has built up significant experience of dealing with HMRC, streamlining the enquiry negotiation process

Only Pay if You're Successful

We do not charge an hourly rate. We only charge on a successful outcome of your R&D Enquiry

Included for Clients

Our Enquiry Defence Service is included for all existing R&D Tax Relief clients

How We Defend Your Claim

Every R&D Tax Credit Enquiry is different. That’s why we tailor our approach to your specific investigation and needs.

We only take on clients that we believe have a chance of succeeding in defending their R&D Tax Credit Enquiry. We will review your R&D documents and correspondence with HMRC to give you a fair assessment of whether we think the R&D Tax Credit Claim is viable before we engage.

Here are some of the key elements of our Enquiry Defence Service you can expect to benefit from.


As soon as you engage us, our Enquiry Defence Team will work to understand precisely why HMRC has opened a compliance check. They do this by conducting a detailed analysis of your filing, reviewing your correspondence with HMRC, and speaking to your finance and technical teams

R&D Tax Relief Changes

Our Enquiry Defence Team will take over all enquiry-related communications with HMRC. Using well-messaged correspondence and a deep understanding of what the agency is looking for, they will satisfy your inspector’s concerns in a way that protects your reputation. 

HMRC 2000 nudge letters R&D Tax Relief

The Team will assemble an ironclad defence of your claim, answering your inspector’s questions and supplying supporting evidence to expedite the process.


HMRC will likely interview you about your claim. GrantTree will prepare your finance and technical leadership for their interviews and coach them through any difficult questions during the call.

Businessman holding laptop with financial ghraphics while employees talking

Once we’ve resolved your enquiry, we will stay on top of the payment process, ensuring your tax credit isn’t delayed further.


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