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Let GrantTree streamline your grants management, satisfying your reporting and deployment requirements while you focus on innovating.


Simplifying your path to grant management success

When delivering a project funded by the likes of Innovate UK and UKRI, satisfying the awarding body’s reporting requirements is vital. 

Your ability to efficiently complete your project setup, provide regular progress updates and complete a comprehensive end-of-project impact report directly affects how quickly your funding is paid, how much you receive and whether you remain eligible for future grants.

Grants Deployment Support from GrantTree streamlines this process by managing your reporting requirements, coordinating stakeholders, and supporting communication flows with your funding body. 

Delivered by our experienced team of grants managers and former monitoring officers, our dedicated approach saves you time and ensures you receive full and prompt grant payments, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most: completing your project and growing your business.

Why Choose Grants Deployment Support?

Unleash your team

We empower your team to focus on what’s most important: delivering your project and driving your organisation forward.

Your grant in full and on time

We’ll manage all of the requirements set by your funding agency, ensuring you receive your funds in full and on time. 

Your perfect project partners

Our dedicated team of delivery managers and former award body monitoring officers boast unmatched experience.

The Grants Deployment Support Service Suite


Explore GrantTree’s Grant Deployment Support suite, accessible as a single, seamless offering or as individual services, depending on your needs. 

Project Setup Completion

We’ll turn your project setup into a springboard to success by making sure your timelines and budgets are realistic, collaboration agreements are compliant with your funding body, and exploitation plans are within scope. 

We’ll also make sure that all documentation is provided on time so that you can start your project and receive your first instalment of funds on schedule.

Project Reporting Management

Our team of grants delivery specialists and former project monitors will handle all in-project reporting, demonstrating your project is on track, ensuring all of your qualifying costs are refunded, and collecting and combining all the required data from your consortium members.

Project Close Compilation

GrantTree’s team will oversee the various requirements you need to meet once your project is finished, ensuring you receive the last 10-20% of your grant allotment in full and in good time. These requirements include the submission of a final exploitation plan, expenditure report, project impact report and your plan for future project impact dissemination. We’ll make sure the awarding body sees the positive impact of your project, enabling you to apply for more funding in the future.

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