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It’s never been more important to claim with a provider you can trust.

With over 12 years of experience and over 2,000 claims under their belt, GrantTree’s R&D Tax and technical specialists are perfectly placed to help you maximise your relief while keeping it in line with the ever-changing policies.

Our service is designed to take the pain out of claiming. We manage the process from start to finish, working directly with your internal teams and external advisors to collect the information we need to prepare a watertight claim defended by a technical report.

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R&D Tax Relief: What is it? Can I claim?

Everything you ever wanted to know about the scheme, including what it is, which companies are eligible, and how much funding is available.

Building Your Perfect R&D Claim

GrantTree’s service ensures you are claiming your full entitlement of R&D Tax Relief while minimising your chances of an enquiry and saving you time, money and stress.
Understanding Your R&D

Our consultants work with your technical team to find R&D projects that meet the criteria. We produce a detailed technical report explaining to HMRC why your projects are eligible.

Unearthing Your Costs

We identify all of your qualifying expenditure in your finances - including those associated with indirect activities. Our consultants help you navigate any grey areas and sources of uncertainty, ensuring your claim is compliant.

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Always Up-to-Date

R&D Tax Relief is continuously changing. Requirements are tightened; qualifying costs are added and removed. Our experts remain well on top of these changes, guaranteeing that you won't get caught out by any new elements of legislation. 

Making Your Entitlement Work For You

Our consultants work with you to optimise the financial impact of your relief or cash credit on your company or group of companies.

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Why Companies Choose GrantTree

Unlike traditional accountants and smaller R&D agencies, GrantTree is perfectly placed to claim your full legal entitlement while maximising your return.


Advance Funding
14 Years filing and defending claims
£400m secured for our clients
PhD-qualified technical expertise
Time-saving claim Service
Free enquiry defence as standard

Traditional Accountants

General Business Loan
Lack of direct experience
Misses qualifying expenditure
Limited technical expertise
Time-consuming service
No enquiry defence as standard

Regional Consultants

Equity Investment
Lack of direct experience
Liable to include ineligible expenditure
No technical experience
Onus on you to provide data
No experience in defending enquiries

What Our Clients Say

Examples of Our Work

We’ve helped some of the UK’s leading innovators secure substantial funding from the R&D Tax Relief scheme.

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R&D Tax Relief Eligibility Quiz

Unsure whether you qualify for R&D Tax Relief? Get an initial assessment with our 30 second quiz.

R&D Tax Relief Calculator

Estimate your potential claim size with GrantTree's easy-to-use tax relief calculator.

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