Optimising your claim

Let Our Specialists Handle Your R&D Tax Credits Claim

Let our tax and technical specialists prepare your R&D Tax Credits claim, and we’ll make sure you receive every penny possible, without risking trouble from HMRC. 

What We Offer

We Maximise Your Funding

Our team of technology and financial experts will make sure you’re claiming for every penny possible. Unlike our competitors, we invest in people who understand both policy AND your technology. That’s how we’re able to maximise your claim size while making sure it’s 100% compliant.

We Minimize Your Risks

Our team will build an airtight claim for you that’s fully compliant with all the latest regulations and insight. If HMRC does have questions, we’ll be there to answer them. And in the unlikely event HMRC launches an enquiry, GrantTree’s Enquiry Resolution Specialists will be there to defend your claim. At no extra cost.

We Save You Time and Money

You’re running a growing business. You should be planning, hiring and raising money, not doing your advisor’s job for them. That’s why we’ve made our process as streamlined as possible. All we need is a couple hours of your time. Our team will do the rest.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Through our unique Advance Funding service, we can forward you up to 80% of your tax credits payout up to six months before your claim is filed. That’s six more months to invest, hire, and grow. The process is quick and easy:

We get to know your company and run a quick initial eligibility test on a short call


We perform due diligence and eligibility checks together with our partner


We advance you up to 80% of your R&D Tax Credit up to 6 months before we file your claim


Want to know more about Advance Funding? Just get in touch!

Fast. Accurate. Convenient.

We’ve done everything possible to make our service quick and efficient. GrantTree’s offering is simple: More expertise. Less hassle. A larger R&D Tax Credit payout. Here’s how we achieve it:

Step 1 - We Gather Information

Our tech and financial experts work with your development and finance teams to understand your company’s innovation, and map the ins and outs of your claim. We just need a couple of hours of their time. Then they can get back to helping you grow your business.

Step 2 - We Build Your Claim

Our claim builders write an airtight technical narrative, explaining what you’ve done and why it’s eligible for R&D Tax Credits. Having a robust technical narrative is vital. It ensures you get your money and avoid unnecessary hassle from HMRC. That’s why we’ve invested in a crack team of scientists, engineers and subject matter experts who really know their stuff.

Step 3 - We File Your Claim

We’ll send your finished claim over to you for a final look. If you’re happy, we’ll file it immediately with HMRC. That’s not all, though. We’ve learned a few tricks to make so that your claim is processed even faster.

Free Enquiry Resolution

We have one of the lowest enquiry rates on the market. Still, it’s important to be prepared. In the unlikely event your claim receives an enquiry, GrantTree’s Enquiry Defence Specialists will be right there to protect your claim. At absolutely no extra cost.

Is Your Claim Up to Scratch?

We'll perform a free audit on your previous R&D Tax Credit claims. If you want to be sure you are making the most out of your funding, and not risking trouble with HMRC, just get in touch.


“GrantTree massively helped our business. They sent their braniacs into our office, who quickly learned about our business and the IP we had created and within weeks we received a cheque back from HMRC.” Henry Firth, CEO and Founder

Wealth Dynamics

“GrantTree provides clear and professional guidance. Their knowledge of the regulations and understanding of technology generates confidence in the integrity of the claim process for all parties. I would highly recommend the service.” Brent Randall, Director

Medical Realities

“We were using a standard accounting firm, but they didn’t understand our vision. Virtual reality is quite a new technology and not everybody gets it, so GrantTree really understood what it’s about, what you can do with it and the ambition and the potential of the technology.” Matt Leatherbarrow, CTO of Medical Realities

Brightbox Systems

“We’ve worked with GrantTree for a few years now. They take the pain and complexity out of claiming R&D tax credits so we can focus on developing our product instead of getting buried in paperwork.” Jeremy Jarvis, Co-founder


“GrantTree’s service was fast and responsive. They identified costs that we missed and increased our claim size. We’re happy customers and recommend working with them.” Justin Fitzpatrick, Co-COO


“GrantTree made the whole process of applying for R&D Tax Credits completely painless. Their extensive experience is invaluable in navigating the complex rules and putting together an application that ensures you claim the support that you are entitled to.” Tom Robinson, Co-COO and Co-Founder


Incredibly professional team who did exactly what they said they would do. They were so helpful in guiding us through and the communication during the application process was amazing. Cannot recommend these guys highly enough. Jess Astbury

Ming Foods

“There is no other support company I know who is more in the ‘now’ of R&D Tax credits and grant funding. They’re open and transparent in their ‘doing’; supremely innovative in their own right. The magic that is GrantTree!” Sam Duong, CEO


Grant Tree’s approach to R&D Tax Credits is a breath of fresh air. They take the weight off your shoulders and do all the work of preparing the claim – literally less than a day’s work across our team.” Simon Brickle, COO

Match Capital

“Working with you guys has been an absolute dream, no jokes.” Peter Walsh, Founder


“From beginning to end, GrantTree has been a huge asset in making my funding stretch further. The team made the process as easy as possible and the Advance Funding product they offer was extremely useful. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.” Maz Nadjm, Founding Director

Sorbell Intelligent Technology

“GrantTree is a highly professional service provided by people with deep understanding of business. From first contact to money in our start-up’s account in 2 days, dealing with an experienced decision maker throughout; we look forward to working with Rowan and the team again.” Katie Christy, Founding Director


“Working with GrantTree was an easy and seamless process. Whenever I had issues or questions, GrantTree was on hand to provide guidance and advice on the best way to present the claim so as to maximise the benefit. Thanks again!!!” Andrew Smith


The GrantTree team has been great to work with and were proactive in highlighting costs we hadn’t initially spotted as R&D. Would highly recommend for companies who want to claim but want to avoid eating into their development time.” Maria Campbell


“It was a pleasure working with GrantTree. They get the startup space, they have a great culture and the service was really friendly and efficient – what you’d expect from a fellow startup!” Dimitar Stanimiroff, Managing Director


“GrantTree has been a joy to work with! They really care about our product and what we do. Would highly recommend them to other startups!” Rebecca Sweetman, VP of Operations

Accountancies (aka DIY) Most Tax Credit Specialists GrantTree
Employ experts from technical and financial sectors
Dedicated R&D claim defence
Extract the financial and technnical data with minimal disruption to your business
Maximise your claim by scrutinising your accounts
Craft a solid technical narrative using in-house technical experts
Grant-matching service
Referral scheme to lower your fee
After due diligence and eligibility checks, together with our partner we can advance you the money up to 6 months in advance
Typical pricing
£1000 - £5000
15 - 33% success fee
Flexible Pricing