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GrantTree’s specialists will help you prepare the strongest possible application for grant funding.

Billions of pounds of grant funding are available to innovative UK companies from organisations like Innovate UK, the European Union, and the European Space Agency. However, most grant competitions are fiercely competitive, with only a small percentage – about 5% – of applicants receiving funding.

That’s where GrantTree comes in. With decades of combined experience and a success rate of over 60%, our team can dramatically improve your chances of winning a substantial grant. We’ll work with you to identify eligible projects, match you to a suitable competition, and help you prepare a standout application.

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UK Innovation Grants: A Beginner's Guide

Covering the key information about how innovation grant funding works in the UK, including what grants are, the different schemes available, and which projects are eligible.

How We Help You

Developing Your Projects
We’ll identify grant opportunities in your R&D. Before you apply, we'll review your roadmap and provide feedback on how to make your proposal and execution plan stand out
Matching You to the Best Competition
Our team will use their insider knowledge to pair your project roadmap to the competitions where you have the best chances of success, saving you time on likely unsuccessful bids
Delivering Tailored Support
We’ll offer tailored support with one of our three tiers of service - Full-write, Coaching and Review. We’ll provide the resources you need to maximise your chances of success.

Solutions tailored to your needs

We offer a range of services designed to fit your experience, requirements and budget.

Tier 1 - Full Service Write

Leverage the full force of GrantTree’s expertise with our Full Service Write. Each Full Service Write client is supported by a team of specialists:

  • A partner
  • A technical writer
  • A reviewer

This service minimises the time and effort you need to win grant funding while ensuring you are involved in the process.

Tier 2 - Coaching Service

Our grants experts will give you the skills and confidence you need to craft a compelling narrative that answers all the competition’s questions.

You’ll also get an objective review from a grants assessor actively reviewing applications at the same competition body.

Elevate your application with comprehensive, actionable feedback.

Tier 3 - Review Service

Boost your chances of success with our Review Service.

Our templated application guide will help you hit all the key points, and an active grants assessor will provide actionable feedback on strengthening your bid.

This service is perfect for companies preparing their own applications.

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Innovation Grant Funding Insights

Our latest insights and information on innovation grant funding for UK-based companies and organisations

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