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R&D Tax Credits

GrantTree’s Ultimate Guide to R&D Tax Credits provides step-by-step instructions for preparing a maximised, compliant claim for this generous form of government funding.

The Innovate UK Application Guide

A stey-by-step guide to building a competitive application for Innovate UK grants. This downloadable guide was prepared by our industry-leading grant-writing team.

The UK Startup Funding Guide

An easy-to-follow guide to the complex world of UK startup funding, including equity investment, debt financing, innovation grants and corporate tax reliefs. Prepared by our funding experts.

GrantTree's UK Funding Barometer

GrantTree’s UK Funding Barometer explores the financial opportunities open to innovative British businesses and examines how equity, debt and government funding has shifted over the last month.


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R&D Tax Credits

Detailed insights into claiming R&D Tax Credits

Grant Funding

Finding and applying for innovation grant competitions

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News and intelligence from the world of UK innovation funding


How to claim Video Games Tax Relief for your studio

Innovation News

The latest and greatest news from the UK tech scene