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An example of a gravity battery

Gravity Batteries: The Solution to Green Energy Storage?

Before we can transition to 100% renewable electricity, we need to solve the challenge of energy storage. Could gravity batteries, an elegant and cutting-edge technology...

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R&D Tax Credits specialist

R&D Tax Credits: Should I Claim With a Specialist?

There are lots of R&D Tax Credits specialists nowadays. But should you use one for your R&D Tax Credits claim? And how do you know...

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Robot Canteens: The Future of Fast Food?

Robot canteens and other forms of cutting-edge automation are offering fast-service restaurants a feast of culinary and financial advantages. But do restauranteurs have an appetite...

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Commercialising quantum technologies grant

Commercialising Quantum Technologies – New Grant Competition

Innovate UK’s Commercialising quantum technologies: feasibility studies round 3 competition will provide up to £6 million in funding to solutions that advance second-generation quantum systems....

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GrantTree’s Grant Watch – January 2022

Welcome to the latest edition of Grant Watch, a monthly roundup of new and exciting grant competitions open to UK innovators. Happy New Year, one...

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R&D Tax Credits: Should You Surrender Your Losses?

R&D Tax Credits: Should You Surrender Your Losses?

The SME R&D Tax Credits scheme lets you surrender your losses in exchange for a cash credit. But should you? In most cases, yes. But...

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Image for R&D enhancement blog

R&D Tax Credits: What is R&D Enhancement?

R&D Enhancement is an important aspect of the R&D Tax Credits scheme and of SME R&D Tax Relief in particular. If you’re looking to apply...

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Image for GrantTree's blog on how SME R&D Tax Relief scheme works

SME R&D Tax Relief: How Does It Work?

SME R&D Tax Relief is a generous scheme that provides innovative small and medium sized businesses with thousands of pounds worth of tax reductions and...

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R&D Tax Credits: How Much Can I Claim

R&D Tax Credits: How Much Can I Claim?

R&D Tax Credits is a generous scheme that gives you back up to 33% of your development costs as a tax break or a cash...

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Manager checks machines at the factory. Inspector checks a factory

Sustainable Smart Factory – New Grant Competition

Innovate UK’s Made Smarter Innovation: Sustainable Smart Factory competition is providing up to £20 million for digital technologies designed to reduce the environmental impact of...

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