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What are Innovate UK Innovation Loans?

Innovate UK Innovation Loans offer between £100,000 and £2 million in debt financing with attractive, below-market interest rates and other generous repayment terms. Delivered through the Future Economy Competition, Innovation Loans are designed to help SMEs commercialise innovative projects by funding late-stage development activities like prototyping and piloting. 

Applying for an Innovation Loan requires expertise in both corporate finance and technology. You need to demonstrate that your project is innovative while proving your company is in a financial position to repay its loan. Experience preparing compelling submissions for Innovate UK also comes in handy. That’s where GrantTree comes in. 

Over the last 12 years, we’ve unlocked more than £400 million funding for hundreds of UK businesses, including tens of millions from Innovate UK. Our dedicated teams of credit analysts and PhD-level technologists will create a compelling application, helping you secure the capital you need to take your cutting-edge project to market.

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Benefits of Innovation Loans

  • 100% of Project Costs Funded

    Innovate UK will issue innovation loans covering up to 100% of your project costs. Though we generally recommend applying for less.

  • Generous Rates and Repayment Terms

    Innovation Loans offer a deferred, below-market interest rate of 3.7% during project execution, followed by 7.4%, and repayment terms of up to seven years.

  • Beneficial for Capex-Intensive Projects

    Innovation Loans cover up to 100% of your project's Capex costs. This is particularly beneficial if your project involves large investments in equipment or infrastructure.

  • More Accessible Than Innovation Grants

    Innovation Loans have a lower bar for qualifying innovation and technical risk, making them suitable for later-stage projects.

Why Companies Choose GrantTree

Unmatched experience applying for and securing Innovate UK funding.

100% Success Rate

Applying for Innovate UK Innovation Loans

12 Years’ Experience

Submitting successful Innovate UK applications

PhD-Level Expertise

Translating your innovation for Innovate UK assessors

Dedicated Credit Team

Proving your company is suitable for a loan

Elite Support, Seamlessly Delivered

Leveraging our unmatched experience applying for Innovate UK funding, our Innovations Loans service is designed to save you time while giving your application the best possible chance of success.


We hold an initial call to assess your eligibility for Innovation Loans. If you’re eligible, we’ll tell you how strong a candidate you are and how likely you are to succeed with GrantTree’s support.

Data Collection

We collect the technical and financial data we need for your application. Like the rest of our service, this step is designed to take up as little of your time as possible. Rather than engaging your finance team, we’ll ask your accountants or pull figures from your accounting software. Instead of lengthy back-and-forths with your technical team, we’ll host structured interviews with the relevant people. 

Technical Storytelling

Once we have the required information, we’ll begin preparing your application for the Future Economy Competition. Our PhD-level grant writers will focus on the aspects concerning your project–its delivery, the market opportunity, and the related risks. They will weave their answers into a compelling, cohesive narrative that captures your assessor’s attention and convinces them of your project’s potential.

Demonstrating Loan Suitability

While our grant writers focus on the project-related elements of the application, our credit team will demonstrate, in Innovate UK’s words, your suitability for a loan. To do this, they will assemble information concerning our company’s ownership, revenues, and liquidity. They will then formulate this data into a watertight financial argument that will pass muster with Innovate UK’s credit team.

Application Support and Forecasting

We'll support you up to and beyond the moment your application is submitted. Based on the information you provide us during steps 1 and 2, our credit team can prepare financial records and forecasts for your company. These are valuable tools you can use to inform strategy and outside investment.


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