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Net Zero Hydrogen Fund: Up to £20m in Grant Funding

Are you working on an innovative hydrogen production project? Then you could win up to £20 million in grant funding through the Net Zero Hydrogen Fund.

The Net Zero Hydrogen Fund has just opened two grant competitions offering generous sums to companies working on projects that will deliver low-carbon hydrogen production at scale. 

Unlike many Innovate UK grants, there is a strong emphasis on capital expenditure, allowing your organisation to invest in the necessary infrastructure and assets to scale up and contribute to the UK’s decarbonisation goals. 

The first competition, Strand 1 Development Expenditure Round 2, closes on 31 May. The second, Strand 2 Capital Expenditure Round 2, closes on 7 June. 

This blog post will delve into these two competitions, providing valuable insights into the eligibility criteria, funding amounts, and key deadlines.

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Strand 1 Development Expenditure Round 2

Strand 1 is supporting front-end engineering design (FEED) and post-FEED studies contributing to the at-scale production of low-carbon hydrogen by 2025.

This strand is offering between £80,000 and £10 million in grant funding and will cover up to 50% of your project costs.

Strand 2 Development Expenditure Round 2

Strand 2 is offering capital expenditure grants to support new low-carbon hydrogen production facilities that will begin deployment in the early 2020s. 

The competition supports two kinds of hydrogen production:

  • Electrolysis
  • Biomass or waste gasification

Strand 2 will cover up to 30% of your project costs with grants of between £200,000 and £20 million.

Your project and team

To lead a project funded by either competition, you must be a UK-registered business of any size. Projects from single applicants and consortia are equally eligible. 

The technology at the centre of your project must be Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7 or higher, meaning it needs to have been tested in a commercial environment. 

Also, you project must:

Find out if you’re eligible for the Net Zero Hydrogen Fund

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