Coronavirus: An Update from GrantTree

The Coronavirus has spread throughout the world, creating enormous uncertainty for Britain’s businesses. But GrantTree will be here, working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to make sure companies can access the government funding they need to make it through. 

It seems like years ago, a different era altogether almost, that the first reports of a new virus crept into our news feeds. Much has changed in the handful of months since. Lives have slowed, businesses have shuttered, vast centres of commerce have all but ground to a halt. 

In all my life, I have never seen anything like it. 

These are undoubtedly worrying times for businesses. Cashflows have never been more uncertain. Investment and spending plans have never seemed more precarious. The measures Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced last week – including the postponement of taxes and support for wages – are much-needed ballast in these troubling waters. But these measures will only do so much. 

We’re working as normal

To the businesses we work with – our clients, our partners, our suppliers – I want to offer what reassurance I can by promising that GrantTree will stay open for business throughout the pandemic. Our R&D Tax Credits and Innovation Grants teams are full-steam ahead from the safety of their homes. 

There is more good news. Both HMRC and Europe’s major grant-awarding bodies are still fully operational, which means billions of pounds in government funding is still being distributed to the innovators who need it. 

If you want to find out what government funding is available to you, please get in touch. For all the latest on how the Coronavirus is impacting R&D Tax Credits, check out this detailed blog

Helped by our culture

Those who follow GrantTree will know we practice a unique cultural philosophy called Open Culture.

One of the key components of Open Culture is trust. We manage work, but not our people. This philosophy gives all GrantTree employees the freedom to work from wherever they want, whenever they want. 

This flexibility has created many benefits for our company, but perhaps none greater than the preparedness for our team to go fully remote at a moment’s notice. And without any drop in our productivity! 

On March 12th we decided to close our Old Street offices. The decision to close an office, though temporary, is not an easy one. But thankfully Open Culture, developed by our co-founders Dan and Pow Tenner, has readied every one of our systems, practices and procedures for an extended period of remote work. 

For this reason, I am confident we will deliver a complete, secure and high-quality service for the duration of this pandemic.

We’re here if you need us

This is an extremely challenging time for businesses. But GrantTree will be there for you, doing whatever we can to secure the government funding you need to weather the storm. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

GrantTree Clients 

Clients with questions or concerns about their tax credits claim or grant application should please get in touch with their account teams. They would be more than happy to help!


GrantTree’s partnership team will soon be sharing more information about the extra support we’re offering during this time. Partners should get in touch with their partnership representative if they have any questions. 

Suppliers and Vendors

Suppliers and vendors should contact the relevant representative of our internal operations team.

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All the latest in funding & tech!

To get all of GrantTree’s latest insights into funding and innovation delivered straight to your inbox, make sure you sign up to GrantTree’s newsletter!