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GrantTree Shortlisted for Best Independent Tax Consultancy Award

GrantTree’s R&D Tax Relief team has been shortlisted for a Tolley’s Taxation Award in the Best Independent Tax Consultancy Firm category. 

We are flattered to be recognised for our dedication to exceptional client service and for our efforts to help the wider business community navigate the recent changes to the R&D Tax Relief scheme

We are also extremely grateful to GrantTree’s R&D Tax Relief clients, whose willingness to provide feedback about our service through surveys, case studies and testimonials helped us demonstrate our value to the judges.

The full shortlist for the awards, which celebrate “exceptional achievements, unwavering commitment to the industry, and groundbreaking contributions to the tax realm”, is available here.

Helping clients and the wider market navigate R&D Tax reforms

The last few years have been extremely turbulent for R&D Tax Relief. The government has implemented a range of reforms–including the introduction of the additional information form (AIF) and the recent merger of the R&D Expenditure Credit and SME schemes–while HMRC has continued its compliance crackdown, increasing enquiries by 1900%.

Throughout this time, GrantTree’s tax specialists, technical consultants, and customer success managers have worked tirelessly to help our clients navigate this uncertain terrain and file fully compliant claims. This has protected their access to this vital source of funding while minimising their chances of an HMRC compliance checkI am especially proud of the speed with which the team communicated these changes and their implications to our clients, which has helped to alleviate unnecessary uncertainty.

Our work educating companies about the recent reforms extended well beyond out client book. We have spent considerable time and energy sharing our knowledge with the wider business community, publishing a suite of blogs and guides and hosting a series of live webinars discussing the reforms in minute detail.

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R&D Tax Relief remains key to UK innovation

We invested time educating the market because we believe R&D Tax Relief is essential to UK innovation and the country’s long-term prosperity. Since its inception 24 years ago, the scheme has provided more than £50 billion in tax reductions and cash credits, helping innovative businesses across the country to grow faster and further. Indeed, HMRC estimates that every £1 of public money spent on R&D Tax Relief generates up to £2.70 of additional investment

The government is right to deter abuse. However, the scheme can only fulfil its purpose if qualifying companies feel confident in their ability to file compliantly and avoid backlash from HMRC. This confidence has been shaken by the range and extent of the recent changes and by some of the measures the tax agency has adopted to identify and investigate ineligible filings. The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has flagged this issue, warning that HMRC’s compliance crackdown is “deterring genuine claims”.

By creating accessible resources and making our expertise available to businesses looking for guidance, I believe we have helped companies gain a sense of certainty and comfort when it coms to their claims.

Looking ahead

On behalf of GrantTree’s R&D Tax Relief team, I want to thank the Tolley’s Taxation Awards for recognising our work over the past 12 months. We are looking forward to the award ceremony on 16 May and, of course, hope to take home the top prize.

Meanwhile, we will continue to work hard to help our clients prepare fully compliant claims and to educate as many qualifying businesses as possible about the future of R&D Tax Relief. 

If you’re looking for expert insight into how the recent reforms will impact your business, just get in touch. My colleagues and I are here to help!