How to Innovate – and the kick-off of our startup pool tournament


What better way to kick off the carnival season on the startup scene than by rocking up to a great meet-up followed by a game of pool?

We have partnered with folks at British Computing Society to bring you How to Innovate – a series of three events, focusing on different aspects of innovation in the startup world. The first one is coming up very soon, on Wednesday 12.02 at our office in 16 Hewett St (2 min from Shoreditch High Street overground, 5 min from Liverpool St tube).

We will have Laurie Young, Head of Ops at the hot ruby shop New Bamboo (@wildfalcon) and our own Pow as speakers, followed by an open debate, drinks and… pool (register for spanking new, first in history Startup Pool Championships on

  • Dr Laurie Young, Head of Operations, New Bamboo

Laurie’s talk will take you through a whistlestop history of how people in organisations have approached getting things done. From Henry Ford’s factories, through to Fayol’s and Gantt’s methodologies, the ideas behind effective leadership & management have changed significantly over time. Today’s innovators like to refer to themselves as “agile” but are rarely clear on what they mean by that. As an experienced leader of technical teams, Laurie will shed some light on different aspects of agile methodology, also in the context of much talked about Lean Startup techniques.

  • Paulina Sygulska, Director, GrantTree Ltd

As one of the founders of GrantTree, now in its fourth year, Paulina has been at the forefront of the company’s cultural evolution. Starting from a traditional mindset of fostering hierarchical structure, clear reporting lines and obedience, GrantTree came a long way towards a much more democratic – or participative – culture. Today GrantTree’s team members help shape the company, share in its profits and are trusted with all financial information, including company accounts and salaries. Through this hands-on presentation you will learn how to implement a revenue sharing scheme, open allocation, peer reviews etc within your startup team, and what pitfalls to avoid.

Spaces are free but limited, register on or simply rock up on the day!

If you are curious about R&D Tax Credits, Innovation Grants and Open Culture






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