Low-Carbon Innovation


TSB have just launched a new “Strategic Framework”. What is that?

It seems to be the tangible output of some efforts by the Low Carbon Innovation Co-ordination Group, which consists of a number of organisations including: the Carbon Trust, BIS, the Department for Energy & Climate Change, research councils, UKTI, TSB, Scottish Enterprise, and a bunch of others. What’s happened here is that they’ve decided how to coordinate their action to issue funding.

The LCICG will not be issuing funding directly, but its members will be. One way to find out about this funding is via the lowcarbonfunding.org.uk search engine. Another way is to pay attention to the funding providers you already know operate in your area (though the search engine may give you some new ideas!). However, the main use of this, I think, is to have a look through the Technology Focus Areas, and in particular have a careful read through the Strategic Framework PDF itself, to get a better idea of what this broad set of funding organisations will be looking to fund over the next few years.

Linking grant applications back to the wording used in the Framework will likely result in better success rates.



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