Grants Collaborate Case Study, a fulfilment-as-a-service innovator, was seeking funding to build and deploy an SME-targeted, zero-emission delivery solution during the Covid-19 pandemic. Through GrantTree’s Grants Collaborate service, our grants consultants and sector specialists helped acquire a £175,000 grant from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, which the company used to successfully launch its GoGreen service.


AI Powered Fulfilment is a logistics platform for fast-growing, direct-to-consumer brands. The company stores, picks, packs, and delivers inventory safely, making fulfilment faster, cheaper and more efficient for e-commerce companies.

Capitalising on a Market Opportunity’s GoGreen service was part of the company’s long-term vision for a sustainable, efficient, end-to-end customer fulfilment supply chain. Initially, was looking to develop its zero-emission delivery option in one or two years’ time. However, with the pandemic accelerating the adoption of online shopping and putting pressure on direct-to-consumer brands, the company wanted to deploy the service in a much shorter timeframe.

First Time Claimants identified the Sustainable Innovation Fund - an Innovate UK competition facilitating sustainable recovery from Covid-19 - as a possible source of R&D funding. The company had previously won an Innovate UK Smart Grant but wanted expert input on building a compelling application for the new, Covid-specific competition.

GrantTree's Approach selected GrantTree’s Grants Collaborate service, one of the three service tiers offered by our innovation grants experts. With Grants Collaborate, our consultants and subject matter specialists work with companies to cultivate the skills and confidence they need to prepare an application. The service helps companies to answer each question, build a persuasive narrative and hit each of the key points in their assessors’ criteria.

GrantTree held multiple coaching sessions focusing on’s existing draft application. We then arranged for an active Innovate UK assessor to review the company’s updated draft and provide detailed actionable feedback on how could further strengthen its submission.

The Results won £175,000 from the Sustainable Innovation Fund. The company’s Decarbonising E-Commerce delivery And Fulfilment (DECAF) project lasted for nine months, transforming its GoGreen sustainable delivery service from a concept into a market-ready solution. 

All deliveries made through GoGreen within the M25 are 100% electric, saving an average of 0.2 kg CO2 per package. You can learn more about the service on the company’s website.

Funding Windfall secured grant funding worth £175,000 from the Sustainable Innovation Fund


GrantTree delivered multiple coaching sessions and a detailed review by an Innovate UK assessor

Ahead of Schedule was able to launch its GoGreen zero-emission delivery solution ahead of schedule

"GrantTree’s Grants Collaborate service was immensely helpful in enabling to secure a Sustainable Innovation grant. Thanks to the input we received from the company’s grants experts and the Innovate UK assessor, we were able to submit a much stronger application that unlocked the funding we needed to take our disruptive service to market."
Vernon Tjon-Soei-Len

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