Ming Foods

How GrantTree Helped Ming Foods Feast on Tax Credits Dough

Leading Chinese food manufacturer Ming Foods approached GrantTree to file an R&D Tax Credits claim for experimental work it had conducted developing an additive and gluten-free food product, and a new cooling system for its production line. Here is how our tax and technical experts helped them maximise their windfall.

The Innovation Challenge

Gluten-free foods aren’t new. Still, challenges remain replicating the elastic strength of wheat-braced proteins in gluten-free doughs. Some food producers have solved this problem by turning to additives and preservatives. But Ming Foods CEO Sam Duong wanted to develop a new dough that was suitable for his pastries and free from gluten and artificial additives. At the same time, Sam’s team wanted to devise an energy-efficient way to cool pastries quickly.

The Proof is in the Pastry

Ming Foods faced a number of technical uncertainties in creating the new dough and cooling system. For the dough, the team experimented with different natural ingredients to replicate the elasticity of a glutinous mixture. After trialling many variations, the team discovered a certain combination of ingredients that provided the needed resilience without adversely impacting the taste.

Cool Solution

To develop a new cooling system, Sam's team tried various ways of making alterations to the existing, on site cooling system. After experimenting with a number of new set-ups, the team found a way to use the inbuilt cooling system to cool its pastries in a small area and a short space of time. This increased the baseline technology and just couldn’t be done using off-the-shelf equipment.

GrantTree's Value

Calling on our deep technical expertise, we scoured Ming Food’s development work and uncovered £579,000 worth of expenditure that was eligible for R&D Tax Relief.

Leveraging the tax credits scheme’s surrenderable losses facility, we then converted this sum into a payable cash credit, delivering a cash payout worth over £125,000.

Ming Foods reinvested this money in additional R&D and a second manufacturing line predominantly used for experimental products.

Identified £579,000 of eligible expenditure

Secured £128,000 R&D Tax Credit payout

Tax credit reinvested in new products and R&D

"GrantTree was the perfect tax credits partner. They really understood our technology and R&D, which helped us claim for every penny possible. We received the credit as a cash lump sum, which we immediately invested in new employees and equipment. This has helped us scale and enter new markets."
Sam Duong
Sam Duong

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