Stockopedia R&D Tax Relief Case Study

GrantTree helps financial analytics innovator Stockopedia disrupt the investment landscape with fully compliant and comprehensive R&D Tax claims, prepared by our team of tax and technical experts.

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Empowering investors with high-quality insights

Stockopedia is an award-winning stock analysis tool that empowers private investors to achieve better returns by equipping them with institutional-quality data. 

Since its launch in 2008, the company has made a range of cutting-edge advances in the collection and curation of stock market insights, making it eligible for a sizable funding injection through the R&D Tax scheme

Over the last seven years, GrantTree has ensured Stockopedia accessed its full R&D Tax entitlement while maintaining compliance and saving the company considerable time.

Nearly £1 million

In R&D Tax Relief funding secured for Stockopedia

Comprehensive Claims

By identifying missed or under-allocated costs

Painless Process

Protecting Stockopedia’s time while ensuring compliance

A Streamlined Service

Our R&D Tax service has been designed to save our clients’ time so they can focus on other aspects of running their business. When delivering Stockopedia’s claims, our specialists collect financial and technical information over a small number of highly-structured phone calls, emails and by integrating with their existing systems. “Claiming R&D Tax Relief with GrantTree couldn’t be more painless,” says India Seely, Head of Operations. “It’s clear that GrantTree respects our time. As a small company, this is very important.”

Comprehensive Claims

Stockopedia’s claims have been comprehensively assessed over the past seven years. With each submission, GrantTree’s financial consultants ensure Stockopedia is claiming its full entitlement by reviewing the company’s accounts in great detail and uncovering all qualifying costs. “We usually underestimate how much we’ve spent on qualifying R&D across often difficult research projects. GrantTree’s team is excellent at finding underreported or under-allocated costs so we don’t miss out on funding,” India says.

Proactive Advice

Since the government announced significant changes to the R&D Tax Relief scheme, including introducing new claim requirements and relief rates, GrantTree has been working hard to educate our clients on the impact of these changes and keeping their claims fully compliant. “GrantTree made sure we fully understood the changes that are happening to R&D Tax Relief and how they would affect our claim,” India explains. “Knowing GrantTree was on top of the evolving policy environment gave us complete peace of mind.”

What Stockopedia said...

“Simply put, GrantTree makes claiming R&D Tax Relief easy. The team is extremely proactive, whether it's ensuring we’re claiming our entitlement or making sure we understand the latest changes to the scheme. You never get the sense they are just doing it for their commission - they clearly care about their clients and about the experience they deliver. I would happily recommend them to any business looking to make the most of the R&D Tax scheme.”
India Seely
Head of Operations

Expert support for your claim

Looking for help on your upcoming R&D Tax claim? GrantTree’s specialists are standing by. Just leave us a message, and we’ll be right with you.