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File Like a Pro With GrantTree's Guide to R&D Tax Credits

Thinking about filing for R&D Tax Credits? Or perhaps you’re wondering whether your current claim is up to scratch? Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

GrantTree’s Ultimate Guide to R&D Tax Credits offers step-by-step instructions for preparing a maximised, compliant claim for this generous form of government funding.

Written by our team of tax and technical specialists, our easy-to-follow resource explains how R&D Tax Credits work, which companies are eligible and, most importantly, how to prepare your own filing. 

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What's in the guide?

Get expert help on your R&D Tax Credits claim

If you have any questions about R&D Tax Credits, or would like a little advice on filing your claim, please do get in touch. Our team is standing by to help you!

GrantTree’s service was fast and responsive. They identified costs that we missed and increased our claim size. We’re happy customers and recommend working with them.
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