Webdadi R&D Tax Relief Case Study

Webdadi has unified website development, digital marketing, CRM and social media management into a one-stop-shop platform for estate agents. The company works continuously to imbue its platform with new functionality, conducting highly technical development work that is eligible for R&D Tax Relief. However, like many companies, Webdadi’s technical team find it difficult to articulate R&D within a niche technological area in a way HMRC’s inspectors can understand. That’s where GrantTree comes in.

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Technical Translation

GrantTree’s R&D technical consultants - PhD-level academics and industry veterans - are highly experienced at explaining technical and scientific concepts in a manner that is both accessible and engaging. This helps companies like Webdadi overcome a common hurdle: proving to HMRC’s generally non-technical inspectors that hard-to-grasp projects qualify for R&D Tax Relief.

A Simple, Streamlined Process

GrantTree’s R&D technical consultants collect the bulk of the required information by interviewing Webdadi’s Head of IT. Combining interview material with prior knowledge and additional research, our team identifies qualifying projects and justifies their eligibility with an airtight technical report. This streamlined process saves our clients time while ensuring our specialists have the information they need to identify and explain qualifying projects.

A Trust-Based Relationship

GrantTree has helped Webdadi claim R&D Tax Relief for 13 years. Oliver Chapple, Webdadi’s CEO and Founder, puts the length of our relationship down to the trust he has in GrantTree’s people and service. “I can hang my hat on GrantTree doing a good job. As a business owner, I have to deal with a lot of spinning plates. R&D Tax Relief is one I don’t have to worry about, thanks to GrantTree.”

The Results

Complexity Translated

Projects successfully explained to HMRC

Substantial Windfall

Over £400,000 secured through the scheme

Long-term Success

13 years filing for R&D Tax Relief

“One of the biggest challenges our technical people face is communicating their work in layman’s terms. GrantTree has consistently been able to capture the information we provide and distil it into something HMRC understands. I don’t think another agency could do a better job at translating our development work. Why on earth would I want to work with anyone else?”
Oliver Chapple
Founder & CEO

Expert support for your claim

Looking for help on your upcoming R&D Tax Credits claim? GrantTree’s specialists are standing by. Just leave us a message, and we’ll be right with you.