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Claimer is no longer offering its R&D claims service. If you’re wondering what to do next or looking for support on an upcoming claim, GrantTree’s R&D Tax Relief experts are standing by to help you.


What Happened to Claimer?

On February 4, R&D Tax Relief provider Claimer announced that it had “stopped taking on new clients” and would “stop processing claims entirely once our current clients have filed their claims and received their tax relief.” 

You can read the full announcement via the link on the right of this page.

Claimer’s decision will impact many businesses and their R&D Tax Relief claims. If you are one of these businesses and are unsure where to turn for advice on your next filing, GrantTree is here to help.

We have over 12 years experience successfully filing for R&D Tax Relief. Our experts would be happy to offer free advice on your submission and help you navigate the upcoming changes to the scheme.

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Claimer Withdraws R&D Tax Service

Read Claimer's full announcement, explaining why it is shutting down its R&D Tax Relief service.

Why Companies Choose GrantTree

Unlike traditional accountants, smaller R&D agencies, and platform-based providers, GrantTree is perfectly placed to claim your full legal entitlement while maximising your return.


Advance Funding
12 Years Filing R&D Tax Relief Claims
£350m in qualifying expenditure identified
PhD-qualified technical expertise
Time-saving claim Service
Free enquiry defence as standard

Traditional Accountants

General Business Loan
Lack of direct experience
Misses qualifying expenditure
Limited technical expertise
Time-consuming service
No enquiry defence as standard

Regional Consultants

Equity Investment
Lack of direct experience
Liable to include ineligible expenditure
No technical experience
Onus on you to provide data
No experience in defending enquiries

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