We are looking for an Office Manager


GrantTree is a young, fast growing, profitable company. We’ve just moved into our new offices in Shoreditch. While many aspects of the company are running well, we need someone who can grab the reins in hand and make sure that every aspect of the company operations gets the attention it deserves.

This is not a “do everything for everyone” role. Your job will be to manage a number of key aspects of the company, from payroll to HR, logistics, event organisation, finance, and many more.

Who are we looking for?

In a word: responsible. We need someone who gets things done, who can manage multiple parallel tasks, who thrives in a varied environment where there’s always too much to do, and who ruthlessly battles the chaos that any rapidly growing human organisation engenders to turn it into a smoothly functioning system. Although you should like getting things done, what you should like even more is figuring out how to structure things so the work is done automatically and systematically with no errors.

If you were working with us, here are some things you would have done over the last few weeks:

  • Setting up TransferWise so we can make international payments more easily and cheaply
  • Sorting out two of our new joiners’ NI Numbers, payroll details and relocation expenses
  • Liaising with our accountants to manage the payroll
  • Answering the phone (sometimes)
  • Planning and organising flights for one of our subcontractors to fly in from Switzerland
  • Helping us to find a new office
  • Sorting out the lease for the new office
  • Booking restaurants for client meetings
  • Filing some letters from HMRC
  • Setting up a holiday calendar
  • Organising office insurance
  • Attending networking events
  • Getting bios and photos for the website
  • Finding a good place for our Friday drinks

If you start next week, here are some of the things you will be asked to do:

  • Setting up a more sensible tracking system for one of our subcontractors’ fees
  • Ensuring the new office is stocked up with all the necessities of life (coffee, tea, and so on!)
  • Sorting out other office necessities like an office cleaner, etc
  • Devising some kind of sensible filing system for our paperwork (ideally, mostly paperless)
  • Improving the payroll process so it’s less chaotic
  • Managing the bookkeeping relationship with our accountants, and making sure the books look good
  • Exploring the possibility of renting an air-con unit for the new office, if the heat wave lasts longer!
  • Paying everyone’s salaries
  • Helping with recruitment

This is not a job for the faint-hearted. You will always have too much to do. You must thrive on responsibility, variety and flexibility.

Why join us?

Apart from the fact that we’re a great team, a growing company in the coolest space (tech startups) and based in the heart of Shoreditch, here are some other reasons to join us:

  • Our culture is all about transparency: for example, everyone knows everyone else’s salary; few companies ever achieve that, and with it comes a level of openness and trust rarely seen in any company. Moreover, this makes the place fun and pleasant.
  • The salary starts at £20k, with the option to earn quarterly pay raises (max £1k per quarter) and referral bonuses if you bring us clients from your networking.
  • Although there are always going to be some repetitive parts to any job, this job involves a lot of variety, and you will have the opportunity to join in and help in all sorts of company projects.
  • The hours will be flexible. You can choose to work part of the week from home if you like.
  • It’s a great place to work! Our team is awesome and our new office is pretty cool too. And you’ll be a part of this adventure of building a successful company.

Apply by emailing with a cover letter and a CV, explaining why you want this job in particular. Please include the word “Tulip” in the email subject so that we know you read this to the bottom 🙂

Job ad strongly inspired by this and this blog post.

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