Senior couple sitting on sofa in home playing tablet and relaxing together. They are smiling and enjoy to spend their time together with happiness. Happy retirement life concept.
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#24 AI for Good, Part IV

On this episode of GrantTree’s innovation podcast, What Comes Next?…

The finale of ‘AI for Good’, a four-part series exploring how some of Britain’s brightest entrepreneurs are using artificial intelligence to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

On this episode…

  • Andy Smith, CPO of miiCARE (starts at 1:30)
  • Zsuzsa Mayer, Co-Founder of EcoSync (starts at 19:15)
  • Amy, Kweku and Rob look back on the series (starts at 37:00)

This series was produced with Microsoft UK and the Social Tech Trust.

All of our guests were part of Microsoft UK’s AI for Good programme, in partnership Social Tech Trust.