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Grant Competition: Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition Round 2

Access up to £2.1 million in grant funding for your clean maritime project.  

New funding opportunities are available for clean maritime projects, and, at GrantTree, we’re here to help.

The funding comes from Round 2 of the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC). This £12 million initiative is one of several UK SHORE programmes designed to transform Britain into a world leader in clean maritime technology.

The CMDC has two strands – Feasibility and Collaborative R&D. This blog focuses on the Collaborative R&D strand, which supports agile development and pre-deployment testing of clean maritime technologies.

Key facts:

  • The application deadline is 11 am on 13 July 2022
  • Your total project costs must be between £100,000 and £3 million
  • The grant covers up to 70% of your eligible costs
  • Your project must end by 31 August 2023

If you’re thinking of applying for the CMDC, our Innovation Grants team is on hand to give your proposal the best chance of success. 

Take a moment to read through the information below, then contact GrantTree for a quick, hassle-free assessment of your eligibility.

Am I eligible for this competition?

Here are the key eligibility criteria for the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition. You can find a complete breakdown of the eligibility criteria on the competition page.

Your project

Your project must design, develop and test clean maritime technologies for on-vessel or shoreside applications. It must:

  • Have total costs between £100,000 and £3 million
  • End by 31 August 2023 (your project can start by 1 January 2023)
  • Achieve market potential through a clear strategy for commercialising the technology and the products
  • Underpin an at scale technology demonstration later in 2023 or after, by delivering a meaningful technology, route to market, or supply chain innovation
  • Demonstrate a significant greenhouse gas reduction
  • Bring together a team with the necessary expertise and experience

You must carry out all of the project work in the UK and intend to exploit the results of your project work in Britain.

If your project falls beyond the criteria for cost or duration, you must justify your application by email. Fortunately, we can help with this. Speak to our grant writing specialists today.

Leading a project

To lead a project, your company must:

  • Be a UK-registered business of any size
  • Collaborate with other UK-registered organisations

Partnering with a lead

To collaborate with the lead organisation, your partner organisation must be any of the following:

  • Business of any size
  • Academic institution
  • Charity
  • Not for profit
  • Public sector organisation
  • Research and technology organisation

How do I apply?

Your application will be split into three sections: Project Details, Application Questions and Finances.

You have until 11 am on 13th July to complete these sections via the competition website.

Note that applications cannot be transferred between the two strands once made, so be careful to check your eligibility before submitting. 

If you’re uncertain which strand to apply to, ask our grant experts.

How can GrantTree help?

To win funding from the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition, you must show that:

  • Your innovation is meaningful and could have significant value for the UK
  • Your team will be able to deliver the project successfully
  • You have a clear strategy for commercialising the technology

Our grant writing experts can work with you to quickly and effectively demonstrate that you meet these criteria. We’ll also help you illustrate the full potential of your innovation, as well as identify any areas of weakness that your proposal must address. 

Since the competition allows you to resubmit an application, we can also work with previous applicants to update and strengthen your proposal.

Our innovation grant experts have decades of experience in securing funding for UK innovators. Contact us today to secure your funding and advance your clean maritime project.