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Grant Opportunity: Resource-Efficient or Bio-Based Materials and Manufacturing

Grants of up to £70,000 are available for sustainable manufacturing projects.

Innovate UK and the Biotechnology and Biosciences Research Council (BBSRC) are offering grants of up to £70,000 to fund innovative feasibility projects for technologies that will help the UK materials and manufacturing space achieve greater resource-efficiency and net zero.

The competition is designed to support the UK’s ambition of becoming “a world-class destination of choice for advanced low-carbon manufacturing.” It opened on 2 April 2024 and closes on 29 May 2024 at 11 am. 

Below are the key things you need to know about the competition’s eligibility criteria and the amount of funding you can apply for.

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Am I eligible for this competition?

To help you understand whether you’re eligible for the Resource-Efficient or Bio-Based Materials and Manufacturing grant, we’ve broken out the eligibility criteria into two digestible sections: your project and your organisation.

Your project

Your project must look to address one or both of these two areas: 

  • Resource-efficient materials and manufacturing
  • Sustainable bio-based materials and biomanufacturing

Your project must also:

  • Have total costs of £50,000 – £100,000
  • Last between three and six months 
  • Start by 1 October 2024
  • End by 31 March 2025

You must carry out all project work in the UK and intend to exploit all of the results of your work in the UK as well. 

Your organisation

Your organisation must be a UK-registered…

  • Academic institution
  • Business of any size
  • Charity
  • Not-for-profit
  • Public sector organisation
  • Research and Technology Organisation (RTO)

You must collaborate with other UK organisations. Your consortium must include at least one grant-claiming micro, small, or medium-sized enterprise (SME).

How much funding could I receive?

How much funding you can apply for depends on the size of your organisation.

You can apply for a grant covering: 

  • Up to 70% of your project costs if you’re a micro or small organisation 
  • Up to 60% if you’re a medium-sized organisation
  • Up to 50% if you’re a large organisation 

So, if you are a small business with project costs of £80,000, you could apply for up to £56,000 in grant funding. 

You can apply for up to 80% of your full economic costs if you are a Je-S registered institution such as a university and up to 100% of your costs if you are:

  • A charity
  • A not-for-profit
  • A public sector organisation
  • A research organisation
  • An RTO

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