How GrantTree Adds Value to Our Accounting Partners

How GrantTree Adds Value to Our Accounting Partners

Are you working with companies that are claiming R&D Tax Relief? Partnering with a specialist like GrantTree could unlock a host of benefits for you and your clients. 

Corporate accountants and R&D Tax Relief specialists make an excellent pair.

Every year GrantTree partners with accountants from all across the UK, joining forces on dozens of tax credit claims. Each time we see the power of our collaboration. 

Our partners bring an unmatched understanding of their clients and regions. We provide technical expertise and R&D Tax Relief know-how. Together, we add huge value to scores of UK businesses working in everything from software to manufacturing; engineering to biotechnology. 

We’ve worked hard to build an offering that benefits all parties. That increases client engagement, ensures companies are claiming their full legal entitlement or relief, and rewards our partners with additional revenue. 

In this blog, we explain more about what we promise to each one of our accountancy partners.

If you own or work for an accountancy and are interested in understanding more about our offering, read on.

If you’re interested in discussing a partnership with GrantTree, please get in touch.

A rewarding partnership

We are grateful to our partners for trusting GrantTree with their clients. And for the time they invest in making our collaboration thrive. 

As a thank you, we are happy to offer our partners a generous referral fee for any business we work together on. 

For more information about our referral fees, get in touch with our partnerships team. 

Elite technical expertise

All R&D Tax Relief claimants are now required to provide HMRC with detailed technical information about their development work. They must do this on the new, mandatory additional information form

Completing the technical section of the additional information form means explaining complex techniques, concepts and technologies in a way that:

  • Non-technical inspectors will understand
  • Helps inspectors apply the government’s definition of qualifying R&D 
  • Accurately uses relevant terms such as advancement and uncertainty 
  • Anticipates any doubts inspectors might have about the development work’s eligibility for tax relief

Having invested heavily in our in-house team of technical consultants – which includes PhD-level academics and industry veterans – this is exactly what GrantTree is set up to do.

Our consultants can sit down with a client’s technical team, get to the bottom of their R&D, and produce a water-tight technical report answering the six essential questions in the additional information form. 

Doing this as technically sophisticated peers leaves a lasting impression.

In addition, a robust technical report can greatly reduce the chance your client will face an expensive, time-consuming HMRC Enquiry.

An excellent client experience

Businesses are always looking to streamline. 

But when an accountant and R&D Tax Credits provider work independently, there can be a lot of doubling up. Information is shared twice, questions are answered twice, and so on. 

GrantTree stops all this duplication.

Our tax experts can gather all the information they need from the records you have on file. Meanwhile, our technical consultants can work with the client directly on the technical aspects of their claim. 

This kind of collaboration puts the clients’ needs at the heart of our work. Clients are quick to recognise this and to welcome outside expertise when it adds value.

“We have worked with GrantTree on common clients for a number of years now. We have found them easy to work with and our clients have been very happy with the results. It is a pleasure to work with a team who, like us, are used to dealing with small and growing client companies and who understand how to work with these types of clients to maximise the outcome!”
Complete Accounting Solutions
Harry Gladstone
Owner, Complete Accounting Solutions

Maximised R&D Tax Relief claims

We pride ourselves on ensuring companies claim their full legal entitlement of R&D Tax Relief.

We have 12 years’ experience filing successful R&D Tax Relief claims, helping companies access more than £350 million in funding. 

Our financial experts will go through your clients’ financials with a fine-toothed comb, ensuring all eligible expenditure is submitted to HMRC. 

Also, your complete access to your clients’ financials means we’re perfectly positioned to identify all eligible costs, some of which are usually missed by less experienced providers.

All this means a potentially much larger claim size and a stronger relationship with your client.

Learn more about becoming a GrantTree partner

GrantTree is always looking to add value to new partners.

If you’re interested in becoming a GrantTree partner or hearing more about our services, then drop us a line. 

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