December year end

Unlock Your R&D Tax Credit As Early As January

Are you working towards your December year-end? GrantTree could help you access your R&D Tax Credit as early as next month.

‘Tis the season’, as they say. A time to celebrate, soak up some festive cheer and put our feet up after another extraordinary and challenging year. 

But not everyone can slip into the Christmas spirit just yet. At businesses up and down the country, finance teams are still working hard to finalise their December year-ends and close the books on 2022. 

December year-ends have their perks. But their tricky timing can also cause problems, particularly for companies planning to file for R&D Tax Credits.

Tired of waiting for your funding?

It can take anywhere up to 100 days for HMRC to process your R&D Tax claim. 

Filing in the spring means submitting your claim during HMRC’s busiest period, where tax inspectors are at capacity, causing backlogs to form.

Processing times stretch so far during this ‘Spring slog’ that it has historically taken up to three months for HMRC to pay out R&D Tax Credit claims.

This is a pretty grim state of affairs. But here’s some good news.

There is a way to avoid the long wait for HMRC altogether. And even access your R&D Tax Credit as early as next month!

Advance your R&D credit

Through R&D Advance Funding, GrantTree and our funding partners could advance you up to 80% of your payable tax credit as early as January. 

The process is quick and simple. Our R&D Tax Relief experts will look at your financials and development work, calculate your possible claim, and determine how much our funding partner can advance you. 

Advancing your tax credit will do much more than allow you to skip the queues at HMRC. It will also bring forward a significant capital injection, enabling you to accelerate critical investments in people, machinery, services and additional R&D.

Investing sooner means gaining a long headstart on the competition and positioning your company to make the most of next year’s economic recovery.

Maximise your eligible expenditure

GrantTree will give you more than just early access to your R&D Tax Credit.

Our tax and technical experts are perfectly equipped to assemble a maximised, secure tax credit claim for your company.

Accountants often miss important eligible pieces of R&D expenditure, but GrantTree will identify every penny permissible under the scheme. And not, unlike less reputable consultants, a penny more.

They will also back up your claim with an airtight technical narrative that details your development work in a language HMRC inspectors understand.

Work with GrantTree, and you could receive an advance in January, maximise your claim size, and reduce your chances of facing an HMRC enquiry that could tie up your finance and technical people for months. 

Cure your New Year's headache

Using an R&D Tax Credit specialist could help your company start 2023 off with a bang. And cure your New Year’s headache of waiting months for your R&D Tax Credit. 

If you want to upgrade to a specialist, or just chat about our service, then please get in touch!