TidalSense Case Study

Healthtech pioneer TidalSense approached GrantTree for expert support in applying for Innovate UK’s Biomedical Catalyst. In just 8 days, GrantTree’s team of consultants and subject matter specialists were able to build a successful submission that earned the company more than £850,000 in grant funding. 

Transformative Technology

TidalSense is developing a suite of AI-enabled technologies to transform the lives of those suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Its flagship product, N-TidalTM, is the world’s first connected, handheld, fast-response capnometer–a device which analyses lung function by measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide in exhaled breath.

New Capabilities

TidalSense was seeking additional funding to create and evaluate new capabilities for its N-Tidal platform. The company discovered the Round 1: Industry-Led R&D stream of Innovate UK’s Biomedical Catalyst, a £25 million Innovate UK programme designed to accelerate health or healthcare-focused products, technologies and processes.

Fast Approaching Deadline

While the company’s project was a strong fit for the Biomedical Catalyst, the deadline for written application was fast approaching, and the business saw the advantage in engaging GrantTree to compile a competitive submission in such a narrow timeframe.

GrantTree's Approach

Due to the compressed timescales, TidalSense selected GrantTree’s Full Service Write, where our consultants build an application from the ground up with focused input from the client side.

GrantTree’s bid writing team, led by Dr James MacFarlane, got to work immediately, focusing initially on understanding the company’s project and then mapping it against the Biomedical Catalyst’s criteria and application requirements. 

Leveraging client interviews, deep sector knowledge, and decades of grant application experience, GrantTree’s account team developed a compelling bid demonstrating the project’s suitability for Biomedical Catalyst funding and its potential to transform the lives of people suffering from respiratory conditions.  

Once the written application had been accepted, GrantTree also assisted TidalSense in drafting a response to the assessors’ feedback and delivered slide presentation coaching ahead of the company’s interview with Innovate UK’s assessment panel. 

During the coaching, our team provided recommendations on the company’s slides, hosted practice sessions focusing on delivery and narrative, and prepared the TidalSense team for the panel’s questions.

The Results

Funding Windfall

£852,000 in Innovate UK funding secured

Funding Windfall

Application built in just 8 days

End-to-End Support

Throughout the application and presentation

We were extremely impressed with how quickly GrantTree were able to create a strong and ultimately successful application. The support we received for both the written and presentation legs of our submission was outstanding, a testament to the team’s quality. GrantTree ensured our messaging resonated with our assessors. I would highly recommend their Full Write Service to any innovative business considering grant funding.
TidalSense Team
Head of Product & Design

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