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From all-knowing AI to holidays in space, GrantTree’s ‘What Comes Next?’ podcast is all about the amazing technologies that will shape our future. 

#18 Tech vs. The Coronavirus

In this special episode, we’re talking to three tech companies fighting back against the Coronavirus: Drug designer Exscientia Crowdsourcing platform Operation COVID-19 And textile conditioning


#13 AI Co-Workers

CEO and Co-Founder Tim El-Sheikh joins us to chat ethics, Augmented Intelligence, and how the company’s AI invented its own language.


#12 The End of Plastics

Petroleum-based plastic is destroying the planet. It consumes energy, takes centuries to decompose, and inflicts unthinkable damage to oceon wildlife. We must end our dependence


#10 Next or No No No?

Amy, Kweku and Rob play a special Christmasy version of Next or Not? Three more technologies are up for judgement: flying cars from Terrafugia, location


#7 A Glass Darkly

Blade Runner depicts a dark, dystopian Los Angeles that’s been savaged by rain and runaway industry. The year? 2019. Like a lot of good science


#2 Robots with Fingernails

We talk to Managing Director, Rich Walker, about the captivating creation, and explore what its digital digits mean for automation, telepresence, and telerobotics.