PAYE Cap: Will Your Company Be Affected?

With the introduction of the PAYE Cap only a few weeks away, R&D Tax Credits expert Zoi Georgakopoulou unpacks which companies are most likely to be affected by this impending legislation. In just six weeks, HM Revenue & Customers will implement the PAYE Cap; a new policy that will reduce R&D Tax Credit payments for

VGTR: How Much Can My Studio Claim?

VGTR is a lucrative lifeline for games developers looking for additional funding. But how much your studio can claim varies greatly depending on your spending and financial position.  Like lots of creative fields, the world of video game development is extremely competitive. Games rocket up and down the charts, while players constantly crave new experiences.

VGTR: 5 Reasons to File With A Claim Specialist

Saving time and maximising your relief are just two of the reasons you should consider working with a VGTR claim specialist when filing for Video Games Tax Relief. Specialists aren’t always worth the money. It might seem like a strange thing for a professional services company to admit, but it’s true. Some games studios can

Government Launches Consultation on Post-Brexit State Aid

Government Launches Consultation on Post-Brexit State Aid

The UK government has launched a consultation on the future of state subsidies. It addresses a variety of crucial state aid issues and is open to both businesses and public sector bodies. The UK government has taken the first step towards establishing an independent state aid regime with the launch of a wide-ranging consultation on