Get government funds the startup way

1. We meet and collect your data.
2. We do all the work.
3. You collect the money!
Our clients:
"GrantTree’s service was fast and responsive. They identified costs that we missed and increased our claim size. We’re happy customers and recommend working with them."
Justin Fitzpatrick, COO at Duedil

What we do

Smart Grants
Power-Up Fund
R&D Tax Credits
Patent Box
Make your new company more investable.
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Get match funding for your high-tech, innovative projects.
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Get the grant and tax credit money right when you need it.
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Recoup up to 32% of your development costs.
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Leverage your patents to reduce your Corporation Tax.
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Reuben and Charlotte talk about GrantTree

"The process with you was effortless - as previously said, your understanding of the start-up industry, Software as a Service and Geckoboard made it very easy. Granttree demonstrated a genuine interest in our business and how it operates and were very considerate of the time constraints of the team. The service exceeded my expectations and I am a very satisfied customer."
Clemency Joyce, Director at Geckoboard

How we're different

(aka Do-It-Yourself)
Tax Credit
Price £500-£1,000 15-33% success fee 20% success fee
Defend your claim for you
Do all the work for you
Real expertise in software Sometimes
100% success rate Sometimes
Provide Power-Up Funding
Your money in a week
Smart grants service
Lower price through referrals
Transparent and open
"We spoke to a couple of other companies, both of whom expected us to write at least an initial draft of the technical claim. GrantTree sent us a short form which took our technical lead half an hour to complete and their writers did the rest. This meant our technical team didn’t lose time working on our product."
Maria Campbell, GoCardless

Our prices

Length Success Fee
Rolling 30%
3 claim years 25%
5 claim years 20%
10 claim years 15%

There's also a £1,000 setup fee to kick off the process, but the setup fee is waived if you are willing to follow our startup-friendly "1-2-3" process, which speeds things up on both sides.

Scheme Service Success fee Setup fee
PoM Full 10% £500
PoC Full 15-20% £2,000
PoC Advisory 11.25-15% £1,000
PoC Ultra-light 7.5-10% £500
DoP Full 15-20% £3,000
DoP Advisory 11.25-15% £1,500
DoP Ultra-light 7.5-10% £500

If your claim size is:


We will advance you £10,000 and the fee will be £1,000, 5% of claim value.

The Power-Up Funding pricing is based on a fee of 5% of claim value at £20k, increasing to 10% of claim value at £50k, and we will advance up to £50k or 50% of claim size, whichever is lower.

If you also sign up for our standard tax credit service, the fee is a flat 5% of claim value, up to £50k advanced.

The cost is independent of how much time HMRC ends up taking to deliver the money.

Our Team

Jason Cooper
Jason, aka CoopDawg, can occasionally be spotted playing pool in the office when he emerges from the appropriately named "Jason's corner".
Alexandra Dohi
Under her cool and composed exterior, Alex hides a background in Neuroscience and Psychology. She'll use it whenever talking to you, but you'll never figure out how exactly.
Daniel Tenner
Aka Swombat. Serial entrepreneur, tech geek and startup blogger, prolific HN commenter. GrantTree founder. His superpower: the ability to turn anything into a so-called "dan joke".
Pippa Clark
Pippa has a background in Marketing and New Business. Her superpower is that incorrect grammar makes her feal (sic).
Rowan Gallagher
Rowan brings to the table financial knowledge gained from 4 years trading in the City of London and a CS degree from Trinity College Dublin. Occasionally he turns into Superman.
Jeff Gaughan
Jeff is a friendly Canadian. Very friendly. Worryingly so. Beware of his Canadian bear hugs. Beware of Canadian bears too, while you're at it.
Don Slope
Also known as George mk II, the Don is not to be kidded about with. Among numerous valuable achievements, he also (really) built our 20-foot table and benches. Really.
Paulina Sygulska
Aka Pow! GrantTree founder, public speaker, über-networker. Her superpower: the ability to turn anything into a dirty joke.
Vwede Okorefe
Vwede is our Office Dom, aka Office Manager, which means that nothing that matters can happen without her approval.
Chris Campbell
Chris studied Politics at Glasgow University before working in a Government Strategy Unit. He joined Granttree in 2013 as a client manager, and is also a PhD researcher in surveillance. He’s also really good at hiding stuff.
George Clements
George used to be a navy boy on the HMS Illustrious. Now, as a GrantTree director, he preaches the benefits of open cultures based around trust rather than control. People change!
Andrew Ormerod
Andrew is our resident data and process wrangler. Piles of elaborate process diagrams around the office bear witness to this healthy obsession.
Robin Mthawanji
With over 15 years of tech experience as a consultant and project leader, Robin has mastered the skill of programming technology devices through simply staring at them sternly. Robin joined in 2012 and quickly embraced the darker side of grant writing.
Greenie Cheng
Greenie moved from Hong Kong to join GrantTree in 2013. She combines three superpowers: a law degree, a computer science masters, and some serious tax kung-fu.
Amar Popat
With a Cambridge degree in Economics and 6 years in the banking sector, you might think Director Amar is a corporate guy who wears suits and tells people off. You couldn't be more wrong. You'll see when you meet him.

UK Government Funding Faqs

Want to know more about UK Government funding? We have written and compiled this list of practical, useful articles, covering most aspects of the key topics that we are experts in: R&D Tax Credits, TSB Smart Grants, SEIS - and don't forget our page on startup funding in the UK.

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